Thick Thigh Summer - 4-Week Squat Program for Hypertrophy and Strength

$ 29.00

Thick Thigh Summer - 4-Week Squat Program for Hypertrophy and Strength

$ 29.00
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Product description

Welcome to Thick Thigh Summer, the ultimate 4-week squat program designed to help you achieve strong, powerful, and awe-inspiring thighs just in time for summer. Whether you're a Functional Fitness enthusiast, weightlifter, or someone looking to sculpt your legs for the beach season, this program is just for you.

This comprehensive squat program combines hypertrophy and strength training to maximize muscle growth and increase overall strength. By following our expertly crafted workouts, you'll not only develop enviable thighs but also enhance your athletic performance and functional strength.

Program Overview:

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Frequency: 3 days a week (Approx 30-60 minutes/session)
  • Focus: Hypertrophy and strength gains

Benefits of Thick Thigh Summer:

  1. Muscle Hypertrophy: Experience significant muscle growth in your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, leading to fuller and more defined thighs.
  2. Strength Gains: Enhance your lower body strength and overall athletic performance by progressively increasing the weights and intensity throughout the program.
  3. Functional Fitness: Squats are functional movements that improve your everyday activities, such as lifting objects, climbing stairs, or performing various sports.
  4. Summer-Ready Physique: Show off your powerful legs with confidence and embrace the summer season like never before.

Get ready to challenge yourself and witness incredible results with the Thick Thigh Summer program.  Don't miss this opportunity to sculpt your thighs and unlock your full lower body potential.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Cedric F. (South Bend, US)

Thick Thigh Summer - 4-Week Squat Program for Hypertrophy and Strength

Ariana A. (Valley Springs, US)
So good!

This is a very simple and effective program! There is not much to it but you get A LOT out of it. I disagree with some of these “lacks information” reviews. There’s nothing wrong with thinking for yourself and choosing your own weights. Whether you use 10lbs or 80lbs for your lunges you will get out what you put in. Not every program is meant to give you every single step and weight, or tell you when to breathe in and breathe out lol make of this program what you want from it. If you know your abilities, use weights that challenge you, and work hard you’ll get what you want from it.

Jeppe E. (Copenhagen, DK)
I like it - but

The program is good, but it lacks information bits - im a Crossfitter and in my gym, there is no machine for hamstring curls - what then? I did RDL.

Could you have written recommended weights for Lunges, glutes bridges, step ups or that the sets where set to body weight.

Anyways good program - but could have used a little more info.

Thanks for that feedback! For hamstring curls, most of us used bands wrapped around the squat rack. You can do them sitting on a bench, or prone. RDL's are a fine sub though also!

Tanya J. (Cardiff, GB)
Loved every rep

I starter this program as I am taking a break from crossfit with a shoulder injury but am still able to squat.
It is easy to follow and structured well. It highlighted for me that the bottom position is my sticking point so something to work on moving forward.
Oh an my back squat 1RM went up from 82kg to 93kg. 100kg club next

Jay D. (Moultrie, US)
Thick thigh

I love this workout my legs are stronger and I’m seeing results