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Caffeine and Kilos Inc Consumables Watermelon / 1 Jar | $1.17/Serving Clearly Caffeine Caffeine and Kilos Inc Consumables Clearly Caffeine
Clearly Caffeine
from $ 34.99
*3 Jars - Always Ships Free In The USA* A naturally flavored caffeine drink powder. Each serving contains 150 mg of natural caffeine.   Simply mix with water.  Can be stirred or shaken, product does not clump. 0 Calories. No artificial coloring.  No artificial flavoring. No additional stimulants that cause jitters, itching, and anxiety. Just clean and delicious caffeine.  Subscribe & Save 10% Subscription includes C&K+ Membership with the following benefits: 10% off everything Caffeine and Kilos Access to exclusive items and collections (coming mid-September) Early access to official releases  Save even more money with exclusive discounts to affiliated companies (coming soon) Free admission to Caffeine and Kilos Invitational Discounted entry for Caffeine And Kilos competitions
Dedicated Thumb Tape Plate Series (3 options)
Dedicated Thumb Tape Plate Series (3 options)
from $ 11.99
Ships Free In The USA with 12 roll purchase    The best looking and most functional lifting thumb tape on the market. Each purchase comes with 2 rolls of tape.  Comfort and Performance (and Style) Dedicated thumb tape gives you protection from even the most aggressive bar knurling, while allowing you to keep a firm grip...all while looking fresh. Protects you from rips, blisters, cuts,  abrasions, and rashes. Performs best when used during weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, kettlebell work, rope climbs, and other fitness activities. Four Way Stretch  The perfect amount of stretch to allow you to bend your taped thumbs or fingers while keeping them protected. Allows for natural movements of the hands and fingers. Gives a superior proprioceptive experience.  Convenience and Quality Durable, yet easy to tear - no scissors needed. Strong adhesive so it won't slip due to sweat or activity. Latex free.   *Each roll is 38mm wide and 4.5 m long    

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