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Growing Fitness Business Looking For Motivated Entry Level Marketing Associate

I'm looking for a highly organized, detail oriented individual to fulfill a unique set of needs. Caffeine and Kilos is searching for a motivated and hard working person to run various marketing tasks.


Most stuff made for the gym doesn't make sense anywhere else.  Caffeine And Kilos products make you look great and feel amazing everywhere, so you are confident in and out of the gym.


Our company runs an e-commerce business that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle.  We support Olympic hopefuls and world record holders. We need someone who has the talent and motivation to help us generate and retain more customers so we can grow the movement.  


This job is NOT right for the average person that just wants to put in the 9-5 and doesn’t care about the impact they make on the world.


But if you genuinely love marketing, solving problems, being super-organized, creating highly effective systems, and working in a fast moving organization that improves people’s lives and makes the world a better place, then this may very well be your dream job. Seriously.


You’ll be able to work on –and direct – cool projects that have the potential to scale – BIG time – as part of an organization that is making an impact.


This is your chance to put all of your cutting edge expertise to work, instead of doing the same boring job day-in and day-out.


Job Purpose:

As a marketing associate, you’re responsible for having a constant pulse on the promotion and feel of the business. The perfect person for this position looks for any way they might help to grow the company and generate new customers.

Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

Our marketing associate will spend much of their time brainstorming and creating promotional materials and marketing campaigns, and fine-tuning promotions so that they operate like a well-oiled machine.


You’ll focus not only on gathering and presenting data but constantly checking the quality and efficacy of the data we’re collecting to help our company reach its goals.


You will work with our social media on Instagram and Facebook, making posts and tracking engagement to establish and evaluate the data that should be tracked to measure both long and short-term company goals.


You will produce simple graphics to be used in social media posts.


You will identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns, and communicate those findings along with suggestions for improvements or to reveal new opportunities or glaring weaknesses within the company.

You will develop and craft emails that announce new releases and showcase products.

You will work directly with our Head of Design to get images ready for social media posts and emails.

You will travel occasionally to coordinate or assist with lead captures and sales at Expo’s and competitions.

Personal Characteristics:

You’ll be given the opportunity to work autonomously, to proactively drive key projects, and have a large say in the direction of your work.

But in order to be the perfect fit for this position, you’ll need to operate at a high level and have impeccable communication skills so that nothing falls through the cracks.

And you must also be the type of person that thrives in this fast paced environment, and can keep all of your projects running on schedule.

To do that, I need you to be very prepared, highly organized, a clear thinker, incredibly curious, consistently persistent, willing to learn, and someone who works quickly.

In short, the right person has to be willing to do virtually anything that needs to be done and they have to do it with a smile on their face.

The right person:

-  Is a self-starter who is willing and capable of learning new tasks, while always improving.

- Has experience or baseline knowledge of email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing.

- Has experience or baseline knowledge of photography and simple graphics.

- Is incredibly proactive. They look for things that need to be done and they do them. They don't wait around until they are told to do something.

- Organized. We have a lot going on. These are exciting times. We need someone who is deeply, obsessively organized and makes sure no projects get left behind.

- Flexible. You need to be comfortable when plans change when things go wrong. I need someone with a cool head and a can-do attitude.

- Positive. You have to be positive. We don't want to hear complaints. We want to hear what you're doing to make each day a kick ass day.

- Has a super-clean record. We'll do a detailed background check on you. If you've been in trouble in the past, don't apply.

- Is an excellent communicator: both written and verbal.

- A FAST learner. We'll expose you to many, many new and amazing opportunities. But if you can't pick up new concepts fast, you'll be lost and I'll be frustrated.

- Bonus points if you’re a perfectionist. There’s nothing wrong with getting things right.

Compensation is variable.  This is an entry level position, so the starting pay will reflect that.  However we’re willing to pay more if you prove to be amazing.

This job is based in Elk Grove, a suburb of Sacramento, CA.  You will be required to be here in our office during the week.

So, if you think you might be the right person for this job, send me your resume and, more importantly, a cover letter. I don't want some generic cover letter… (If you send a form letter, I'll throw it away without a second thought.)

Finally, there’s just one more thing I need you to do. Please choose two products from  

Create 2 posts that could be used on Instagram, one for each product.  Use the product image, add to it if you would like, and then include a brief caption that you would use along with it.  One should be focused on driving engagement, and one focused on driving sales.

In your application, please include those images and captions on a separate page for us to review.

Please email your cover letter, application “homework”, and resume to with the subject: 2020 MA Application