Bripe Coffee Pipe | This Is How We Brew It

Bripe Coffee Pipe | This Is How We Brew It

Danny Lehr: Welcome to ... Welcome to ...

Dean Saddoris: This Is How We Brew it!

Danny Lehr: That's not how you sing the song. This Is How We Brew It.

Dean Saddoris: I'm changing things.

Danny Lehr: Oh, am I ... You feel like I'm trying to hold you down?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, we gotta expand. We gotta breathe.

Danny Lehr: Speaking of expanding and breathing, we're gonna go over today a very different way of making coffee, and it is called the "Bripe". Like brew pipe, B-R-I-P-E, Bripe. All right, so, now it comes with this nice little ...

Dean Saddoris: "Nice" is a stretch.

Danny Lehr: It's pretty nice. Fabric. There's stitching. It's got a little leather "Bripe" sewn on it.

Dean Saddoris: It is stitched-together fabric. That is correct.

Danny Lehr: It's stitched-together fabric, that's true. And so take it out and ... Let me just kind of get ... Comes with a little stand.

Dean Saddoris: It's all copper.

Danny Lehr: It's all ... It comes with a little coffee ... It came with the ... I don't know what you call that. Little holder.

Dean Saddoris: Vial.

Danny Lehr: Little vial. I filled it with ground coffee. I think it's for outdoor, take it backpacking, that type [crosstalk 00:01:04].

Dean Saddoris: Ground PR blend.

Danny Lehr: Ground PR blend, of course. It also comes with a ...

Dean Saddoris: That is a butane torch.

Danny Lehr: Comes with a butane torch, okay?

Dean Saddoris: That's kicking off some flames.

Danny Lehr: Kicking off some flames. Maybe turn that guy down a little bit before we get going here. I don't really know which way's up or down [crosstalk 00:01:24].

Dean Saddoris: Pointing that right at my face.

Danny Lehr: Well, it's not like I'm pushing the button. And ... Not on purpose! It also comes with a thermometer and then it comes with the actual Bripe itself, brew pipe. Now that's kinda what comes in the kit. So we're gonna use this thing for the first time.

Dean Saddoris: I knew it was hot in here!

Danny Lehr: What temperature?

Dean Saddoris: Says 85.

Danny Lehr: That's 'cause Kristin's been cranking it up in here. You know that. Well, I also in there with the torch, which we've been fucking with.

Okay! So ...

Dean Saddoris: Did you know that hole was to hold that?

Danny Lehr: I did not. Didn't even think about it.

So, inside there ... What he's talking about is it actually comes with a filter as well.

Dean Saddoris: There's three.

Danny Lehr: It has three little filters. I guess you could turn it so you can use it three times before rinsing it out or whatever. So that just kind of slides down inside of there. Uh-huh. All right. There we go. Perfect. It's covering the little spout here.

Now, in there, there's also a little ... It sits on this, so it's indented. That actually serves a couple purposes. Did you know that?

Dean Saddoris: I have not known that.

Danny Lehr: One of the purposes, obviously, is to be able to set it there. The other one is that's how much coffee you put in. So you just fill coffee up to the top of the little-

Dean Saddoris: There's also a measuring.

Danny Lehr: Little jobber in there.

Dean Saddoris: Got it. And there's also some branding on here too.

Danny Lehr: Yep. Says "Bribe" on there.

Dean Saddoris: Dunno if you guys can see that.

Danny Lehr: And then on the side, it has a line also. That's a water line. So we're gonna spill a bunch of water today.

Okay, you'll wanna-

Dean Saddoris: These Bripe guys really thought this through.

Danny Lehr: They're Canadian. Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: Take that back.

Danny Lehr: It does look like something ... We're seeing Uncle Cletus would invent.

It also comes with ... On the packaging, there's a picture of this dude with this big ol' beard and I kinda ... Have you ever seen the Red Green Show? The Red Green Show. It's like these Canadians.

Dean Saddoris: The Austin show?

Danny Lehr: Yeah. Anyway it reminds me of the Red Green Show.

Dean Saddoris: Or somebody on Trailer Park Boys.

Danny Lehr: Exactly. So go ahead and put that in there, just the top of that little dinger.

I think it says to use ... It says the amount to use, but you just fill it up to there. I'll actually look. Got the packaging here.

Dean Saddoris: That should be good.

Danny Lehr: I would say add ... Oh! Five grams. Put five grams of coffee. Oh, you're right there. Looks good.

All right. Now, you're gonna add the water to that fill line. I think it's just 30 mils, but said you could do whatever more or less, just basically rough estimate is that line on the outside, which I will say is kinda hard to see the line on the outside when you're pouring on the inside, but what's ...

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, because it'd be too smart to put the line on the inside.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. So there is that.

Dean Saddoris: You don't wanna be a smartass.

Danny Lehr: Kinda tough. All right. Now you want ... We're gonna put this in there because as we heat it up, says to heat it to 185. All right?

Dean Saddoris: This is gonna taste like shit.

Danny Lehr: It may be fantastic.

Dean Saddoris: Okay.

Danny Lehr: I'm gonna turn that down a little. I thought I did. I apparently went the wrong way with it.

Dean Saddoris: I wonder how long it takes to heat up.

Danny Lehr: I dunno. It says one to three minutes.

Dean Saddoris: So are we dabbing coffee right now? Is that what's happening?

Danny Lehr: So, true story is how I found out about this, is I actually did a Google search for "freebase coffee". And on my Google search for "freebase coffee", came up with this, thought, "You know, I'll burn the warehouse down."

This torch is actually pretty nice. The harder you depress the thumb button, the more it comes out.

We're up to 140. We gotta get up to 185 is the goal, it says.

Dean Saddoris: Oh, it's bubbling!

Danny Lehr: Oh, there we go. And we're definitely at 185 now. That does not go there, but that's still ...

Dean Saddoris: I feel like that's a dangerous temperature to be sucking through.

Danny Lehr: You don't suck it through yet. So then you stir and it says you stir it until it gets to 140.

Dean Saddoris: It still seems high.

For like the ... Yeah. Okay.

Danny Lehr: I didn't know you were a Bripe expert.

Dean Saddoris: Well, I've been briping for the better part of a decade.

Danny Lehr: Years. For a fortnight.

Dean Saddoris: For a fortnight.

Danny Lehr: Shoutout Fortnight.

Dean Saddoris: Fortnight, the video game.

Danny Lehr: Video game, Fortnight.

Dean Saddoris: Come find me on PS4 at "The_Nicolas_Cage". The underscore, Nicolas, underscore, Cage. That's my real PlayStation ...

Danny Lehr: "The_Nicolas_Cage"?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: The real Nick Cage?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, just ...

Danny Lehr: Down to 160.

Dean Saddoris: 'Kay.

Danny Lehr: Dropping quick. This is fun. Like in a burn your house down kinda way.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: I'm gonna burn this motherfucker down!

Dean Saddoris: I just want someone to whip this up out in front of, like, Starbucks, and just, like, act like nothing's going on.

Danny Lehr: "I was, was just briping, sir."

Dean Saddoris: "Oh, you don't Bripe? What do you do? Drink your coffee out of a cup? You fucking noob! Get outta my face!" Ah, shit.

Danny Lehr: So they market this interesting because, you know, everything you need here ... We talked about ones where you don't need a whole lot of stuff. Or like say you're a kid in a college dorm or something, right? That's were things like a French press ... I use that for hot water. You can use a hot plate for stuff like that.

We're down to 155!

Dean Saddoris: Did you say this is great for college dorm rooms?

Danny Lehr: No, no, no! What's I'm saying is that some places, some of the methods we've used, you see a hotplate to brew it, right, if you're short on appliances or something. Like a hotplate is more convenient than a fucking outlet. That may not be true. But if you don't wanna get another appliance or whatever.

What they say the Bripe is really good for, and I think what it was originally designed for they say, is like backpacking, stuff like that. You don't wanna carry a big thing or whatever, so like this is everything you need for your morning coffee, for a little espresso in the morning, is what they say.

Down to 150. Only ten degrees to go and then it's go-time. Then we move on to stages B and C.

I can probably ... [inaudible 00:07:50] And then you just stir ...

Dean Saddoris: It's probably good now. Just let it chill.

Danny Lehr: Just let it chill. Now let's look.

Dean Saddoris: Ah! Now it's there!

Danny Lehr: We're there! Okay.

Dean Saddoris: What's the next stage?

Danny Lehr: Oh, actually it's kinda going back up now ... I wonder if it ...

Dean Saddoris: I don't know how accurate that thermometer is because it did say it was 85 and I don't think it's 85 in here.

Danny Lehr: It's Bripe brand. Well, you know, it was in here and it was 85 in here, which might be true because I was kinda fucking with-

Dean Saddoris: What is this like wool?

Danny Lehr: It's like a, yeah. It's like a felt. Like a felt.

Now I'm just kinda ... Now like I said, everything's branded, like I said, Bripe branded butane torch.

Dean Saddoris: The vial is not branded.

Danny Lehr: No! Generic.

Dean Saddoris: So not everything.

Danny Lehr: Generic vial.

Dean Saddoris: Generic vial.

Danny Lehr: The base is not branded. Just the base is not branded.

Dean Saddoris: Oh, yeah. But it's all one piece. It's one part.

Danny Lehr: The rectal thermometer is.

Dean Saddoris: Yep.

Danny Lehr: It's branded. Dual purpose.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. Preferably at different times.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. Okay. See what we got. Looks like ...

Dean Saddoris: I think it's close enough.

Danny Lehr: 142. All right. So then, I suppose you remove this, right. And then it says you blow bubbles into it and then can drink some of the coffee out. You wanna go first?

Dean Saddoris: Sure. Is this hot?

Danny Lehr: No, you're okay. So, you're gonna wanna hold-

Dean Saddoris: Oh, it is hot.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, the metal I just torched is hot!

Dean Saddoris: So now do I blow the bubbles for how long?

Danny Lehr: It doesn't ... Let me see if the directions are a little more clear on that.

"When ready to drink, pick up the brew pipe by the cork, blow gently into the mouthpiece to stir and mix the coffee and water. And then try your brew by drinking through the stem."

Dean Saddoris: All right. Here we go. Ready?

Danny Lehr: Stir it up.

That's the most ridiculous fucking thing I've ever been a part of!

Dean Saddoris: All right, now?

Danny Lehr: All right, now you drink it.

Dean Saddoris: I'm now gonna try it.

Danny Lehr: Drink up. I'll tell you.

Dean Saddoris: Oh!

Danny Lehr: Lemme get some of your germs! Pass that thing over!

Dean Saddoris: That's fucking strong.

Danny Lehr: Is it?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: Hold on. Lemme ... Okay, now it's clean.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: Oh, thick!

Dean Saddoris: Yeah!

Danny Lehr: You know what though?

Dean Saddoris: It's actually pretty good!

Danny Lehr: You know what? It's actually pretty good!

Dean Saddoris: No, it is. It's just really strong.

Danny Lehr: Do you have to blow every time, I wonder. Probably to mix it. Well, because if you don't blow through it-

Dean Saddoris: It settles.

Danny Lehr: Well, all the grounds are gonna be up against the filter.

Dean Saddoris: Oh, yeah.

Danny Lehr: So you gotta blow 'em off the filter and then drink.

Dean Saddoris: As ridiculous as this is, it's actually, like, pretty good.

Danny Lehr: Aaron, you gotta get out from behind the camera and try this shit.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. Come on, Aaron.

Danny Lehr: Let the people know. Here. So that's clean now. No worries. That's sterile.

Dean Saddoris: Take my spot.

Aaron: So what do I do, just blow into it?

Danny Lehr: You blow in it a little bit and then have a drink.

Aaron: How long?

Danny Lehr: Just go with your instincts.

Aaron: Oh!

Danny Lehr: What do you think?

Aaron: It's pretty good actually.

Danny Lehr: Is it?

Aaron: No, I'm dead serious. It's pretty good.

Danny Lehr: I think he cashed it too. I think this is cashed.

Dean Saddoris: It's cashed out.

Danny Lehr: I think it's cashed out. You get the last of it in there?

Aaron: Yeah. The whole thing.

Danny Lehr: I think it's cashed. All right, man. Well, I'm gonna say ...

Dean Saddoris: On a scale of one to ten? Let's start giving reviews for these.

Danny Lehr: Okay. Scale of one to ten ... Okay, well, so there's multiple categories. Fun, was fucking ten. I mean, you get to light it up, you know what I'm saying?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. Process? Solid ten.

Danny Lehr: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: Ten, for the process.

Danny Lehr: Speed. I'd have to say speed, it's probably like an eight on the speed. It really didn't take that long to heat it up. I mean, you're waiting for ... Because it's not that much water, so it heats and it cools.

Dean Saddoris: Convenience? Maybe a five. You're gotta have a lot of pieces.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, that's true, but what's interesting ... You're camping or hiking. You're in the woods. Convenience is like a ten.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: Because you only need a little bit of water.

Dean Saddoris: As long as you have the torch and butane.

Danny Lehr: You gotta bring the whole ho-bag.

Dean Saddoris: If you've got the whole ho-bag.

Danny Lehr: You know what I mean? So there's that.

Dean Saddoris: I would say on a scale of Keurig-

Danny Lehr: Flavor!

Dean Saddoris: A scale of Keurig to pour-over, it's a five, convenience.

Danny Lehr: It's a five ... Yeah, I agree with that. Five, convenience as far as ... Yeah, with Keurig being the old pop and drop, you know what I mean? And then the whole pour-over deal ... Actually, pour-over notes on the old Belgian Royal coffee maker is probably pretty convenient.

Dean Saddoris: Oh, the Belgian Royal. That's true.

Danny Lehr: Right. Also a ten on the fun scale.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, easily. And then price? Probably a three.

Danny Lehr: Well, lemme tell you something. Okay, did we talk about price? Okay, so this whole thing is $60 for this setup, but it all, you know, including everything. No coffee. Also no butane. We had to run to the store. Four stores.

Dean Saddoris: That was $5 for the butane.

Danny Lehr: $5, yeah.

Dean Saddoris: We're almost in $70.

Danny Lehr: The torch came, but yeah, you gotta fill your own butane and so CVS does not have it. The grocery store does not have it. You gotta go to like your local [inaudible 00:12:57] or something to buy it.

Dean Saddoris: No, I went to four stores, or three stores and they didn't have butane, so I did have to go to the smoke shop.

Danny Lehr: Yeah! To buy the butane.

Dean Saddoris: So I grabbed my dry cleaning and my butane while I was out.

Danny Lehr: Your dry cleaning at the smoke shop?

Dean Saddoris: It's right next door.

Danny Lehr: Oh! That's convenient.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, it was.

Danny Lehr: Well, yeah, so you can get the smell of smoke out of your clothes at the dry cleaners.

Dean Saddoris: Well, I walked in there with the butane and she was kinda confused. Like, "Ah, don't worry about this."

Danny Lehr: "Oh, that? Don't worry about that."

Dean Saddoris: "Don't worry about that."

Danny Lehr: Yeah, so price? Probably three.

Dean Saddoris: Real quick, real quick, when I was in there, she was on YouTube, looking up how to sew something while sewing somebody's jacket.

Danny Lehr: Like she-

Dean Saddoris: "Oh, how do you do this? Yeah, I'll do it!"

Danny Lehr: Oh, I thought it was a dry clean only. I thought she like tore it while dry cleaning it and was trying to hem it up before they come in.

Dean Saddoris: It could be. I take all my stuff to her though for like custom work. That's for another time.

Danny Lehr: Hey, how else do you learn? She's improving herself.

Dean Saddoris: That's true.

Danny Lehr: Flavor? I actually think, like, a seven.

Dean Saddoris: Oh, yeah, easy.

Danny Lehr: Maybe an eight.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, seven ... We'll go 7.9.

Danny Lehr: I'll can go with 7.9.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: 7.9 on the taste. And you know what else? Honestly, like I know we three share it, but if you just drank just this by yourself, that's definitely a shot or two of espresso. Like, it's thick. It is thick. The consistency is interesting.

Dean Saddoris: It's very concentrated. It's even more thick than a normal espresso.

Danny Lehr: But not grounds. I didn't get like full-on grounds, but there was some particle in there. Particulate, I should say. Particulate.

Dean Saddoris: It wasn't anything like ... It wasn't as particle-heavy as, like, the [inaudible 00:14:32].

Danny Lehr: Oh, yeah, no.

Dean Saddoris: With the Greek coffee.

Danny Lehr: Right. Correct.

Dean Saddoris: But ...

Danny Lehr: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: Very similar to the ... If it's similar to anything, it's probably most similar to the Greek-style coffee.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, true, but much more convenient, because that thing you had to light up like four times!

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. You can probably run that off a torch, though, if you had to.

Danny Lehr: I was just thinking we should torch it!

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, you probably could.

Danny Lehr: But you need something to hold the handle with, though.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, 'cause it will burn your hand. We found that out the hard way. No, but you just need to put some cork on the end of that. Like this.

Danny Lehr: Yeah! Canadians! I guess that's the difference between a 100-year-old Greek product and the Bripe.

Dean Saddoris: Well, I think the Greeks' mindset was more like, "If you're stupid enough to grab this, you deserve to get burned."

Danny Lehr: There was Greek and then what was the other culture that that's from?

Dean Saddoris: I don't remember. I forgot.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. There it is.

All right. So that's our review on the Bripe. Honestly, if you know somebody who really likes coffee, or if you know somebody who likes, like, hiking, backpacking, or I mean ideally-

Dean Saddoris: Oh, this is a great gift.

Danny Lehr: This is, 100%, this is a perfect gift for someone who likes coffee, likes outdoor stuff, because it's kitschy, it's fun, and there's actually a little practicality to it.

Dean Saddoris: Oh, no, you give this to somebody for Christmas and you got at least 45 minutes to an hour of entertainment.

Danny Lehr: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: Like, everybody's gonna wanna do it that night, Christmas ... Everybody's gonna wanna do it-

Danny Lehr: Everybody's gonna wanna light it up.

Dean Saddoris: Try it out. It'd be a lot of fun, actually.

Danny Lehr: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: And no, we are never sponsored by any of these people on any of our reviews.

Danny Lehr: Nope. Paid full price.

Dean Saddoris: They're 100% fully paid-for. If you wanna buy one, maybe we'll put the link in there. Maybe not.

Danny Lehr: God. Maybe we're doing it the wrong way. We gotta start reaching out to these people ahead of time.

Dean Saddoris: Nah. Fuck 'em.

Danny Lehr: All right. That's our review on Bripe and remember ...

Dean Saddoris: This Is How We Brew It.

Danny Lehr: This Is How We Brew It! This Is How We Brew It.