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We like working out and we like coffee - good coffee. This 100% organic, high caffeine content, light roast blend fuels your workout or your weekend. The best part is that with enrollment in the Exclusive Coffee Club you won’t have to reorder and you’ll save 10%. Roasted in Sacramento.  

Profile: Mild acidity and sweetness with nutty undertones

Origin: South America

  • 50% more caffeine
  • All Natural - it's just coffee!
  • Light/Medium Roast
  • Smooth Taste 

Yes, it has 50% more caffeine than standard coffee.  No, nothing is added to it.  We achieve the increased caffeine content through the types of beans and they ratio's in which they're blended.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 264 reviews
Good good good

I take it as a per workout I love the smell and Smooth taste

PR Blend

Flavor was good but got nothing from the 'extra' 50% of caffeine. Think I'm just a tough old gal. Been drinking coffee for 73 years so I'm probably a little resistant. Again the flavor was good though.

New drinker

I think it's great but also is first time I have ever drank coffee, could really feel it heat me up before 5 a.m. workout.

Definitely feeling the extra caffeine

I replaced my regular morning coffee with PR Blend and I could definitely feel a difference in the first few sips. I am more awake and alert quicker. However, I haven't been able to get the ratio of grounds to water correct for my taste, and I feel like I am running out quickly. I plan to get a reusable K cup, so I can make PR Blend at work to fuel my afternoon WOD.

Balanced well tasting coffee

Balanced coffee (not too dark or too light) with low acidity.
The extra caffeine boost is a nice touch on these dark winter mornings or when pushing your limits with the iron.