Chorreador Coffee Maker | This Is How We Brew It

Danny and Dean go through the process on how to use the Chorreador

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Chorreador Coffee Maker | This Is How We Brew It

Danny: Welcome to, This Is How We Brew It. All right, this is how we brew it. We are at the Caffeine and Kilos Warehouse and we have a brand new coffee brewing device.

Dean: Oh, so this isn't a butterfly catcher?

Danny: No. We came in and Dean thought it was a butterfly catcher because in fairness it's got a butterfly on it and it's a little net looking thing there.

Dean: I thought that you accidentally bought, or actually had a item shipped for your daughter, to CK from Amazon. That's what I thought happened.

Danny: No, no. What is it is, hold on, there it is. And slap that bad boy in there. There we go. And this is a choleador, chorreador.


Chorreador. Okay. It is a Costa Rican method of making coffee. So it's essentially a pour-over. Okay, like a drip or a pour-over. But a few minor changes or differences that what really makes a chorreador. Or maybe they would say chorreador. Chorreador. Chorreador. I don't really know, the exact pronunciation.

So they're generally wood. Wood frame, except they're not always this pretty with the butterfly. Sometimes they're just wood, sometimes like A-frame actually.

Well if I see a plain one and I see a butterfly one, I am obviously going to get the butterfly one.

It's a no brainer. And the fact that this folds up flat, this is actually great if you want to talk about that you want to talk about that. If you are going to take this somewhere like if you're going camping. Not backpacking, car camping or something.


It could be really convenient for that. Like I said it folds up flat, and then you could just place it out or whatever. It's kind of fun.

This would be good for at the house, just to save space for storage.

Save space for storage!Yeah! Because appliances take up a lot of room.

They do. They really do.

Seriously! And if you're like us, we've got a few ways of making coffee, you start running out of things.

So what you do, is you get your sock here. A lot of times it's referred to as the sock.And the you put your coffee in there. It says to use about one or two tablespoons for every six ounces of water.

These cups here are about sixteen ounces.

Six ounces

For the water I measured about two cups worth.

About two cups of water?

So probably that whole thing.


Or close to it.

There we go. We got the perfect amount of coffee ready to go there.

Perfectly measured on our scale.

I think we perfectly measured how much this entire thing ground is.


Here we go.

That might be a little much.

It's kind of an interesting thing.

It's got a scrotum-esq[inaudible 00:02:35]

It does! I was thinking it looked like a giant sac.

Alright, You get that going and you can put underneath it a pitcher or a cup. Whatever you want to use. You wanna go...

I think that the cup might make a mess, but we'll find out.

Well, it's gonna be a mess because we're gonna have to switch at one point. Right?

Yeah, there's that.

Get your hot water out. See how fast we are? Then you just do it like a regular pour over.

Just incase, who do we got?

I'm going to get them damp a little bit and let that bloom a little bit as they say. Hold a second, let me get down in there. Aw Yeah. Just let it sit there. Wait a few more seconds and then we'll finish off a pour. So two full of these with water are in here.

Yup. Well, about 6/8ths full.

Alright. So then we pour. Any minute now. Dean, what do you think is the benefit of this in dripping through the sock compared to a regular pour over? Can you think of any?

I would assume that it's just the fact that it's reusable and may be easier to obtain. The thing about this is this is just 100% cotton it looks like.

It is, and they say it's-

Honestly, at the end of the day, if you really wanted to, you could use a real sock.

Yeah, you really could. They also say that to wash it you should rinse it with just water after every use. Then it says that once a week or once every two weeks, depending on how often you use it, wash it with some salt. So you rub a little salt in there and rinse it out fully. Get all the salt out of it before you let it dry. You know it's gonna discolor and stain. That's just part of the experience.

Salt's actually a really good stain remover. That's an old restaurant trick.

Oh yeah.

So if there's ever a big spill on your couch, right away if you cover it in salt, it'll absorb most of it before it seeps into the couch and then you just wipe the salt off.

Caffeine Kilos life hacks.


Right here on This is How We Brew It.

An old restaurant trick for all you kids out there.

One benefit to this sock also is that the socks gonna hold all the water in it, so it might spread out the moisture more. Whereas a metal strainer or filter or whatever

It kind of just goes off.

It just kind of goes off. On and off, yeah.

[inaudible 00:05:07] like yeah, the absorption of the flavors.

We're using what coffee? We're using.

Are we using Caffeine Kilo's coffee or are we using the Drink Coffee Do Stuff from buddy Nick Visconti?

Yeah, we're using Nick's coffee.

We're a local California brand out of Sacramento and he's out of Tahoe. Lake Tahoe

Yeah, he's in our last This is How We Brew It video that was posted.

Alright, switch time. Ready?


And yeah. Aw yeah. Flawless. Don't worry about those drippings. Okay.

Another thing that's easy when you're doing a vertical pour over you want to make sure you get all the grounds wet.

Mm-hmm (affirmative)

With this more vertical set up you're definitely getting the tops of all them.

For sure.

I can already tell, your cup looks a lot darker than mine.

Well, it was the first run through.

Yeah. This might be best, I would guess, for maybe just one cup at a time. Like a single person use.

Or more grounds.

Yeah, unless you filled it all the way up of something, but then still I don't know.

Maybe if we actually measured the grounds to water ratio.

I would assume it's pretty good.[crosstalk 00:06:14] I imagine that's about

Cause that's looking to be about eight.

That's probably more than, what? We needed four tablespoons?

Yeah. Well we'll probably both just drink out of this one.

Well, I'll taste it. I'll still give it a go.

It's definitely light in color.

Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Now, you can probably milk it.

Ooh. That's hot.

Well, it's hot water.

Probably milk it.

Yeah milk it. Just kind of like a goat, like a goat's teat.

Like an utter.

Like the teat of a goat, an utter. Well, give it a squeeze.

I am gonna pass. It's gonna burn me.

Alright. It's probably going to burn you.

Alright, well what we'll do is we'll do an actual cheers. No one's gonna boom it.

No boomerang fake cheers.

No boomerang fake cheers and then you can try your tea flavored one and then ...

Oh, I got another extra cup here to catch the drops.

Oh. I was gonna pull some off the ... There he goes and yeah! Ooh right on time.

And then after that you can try this one, it's actually

Let's burn ourselves.

Alright. Nice and hot.

Oh, it's not bad.

Oh. This is thick!

Mine's lighter but it's not bad. It's not as bad as I thought.

Give this one a rip. This is like syrup.

I think you got the gist of it.

This tastes like actual coffee.

Yeah, this is potent.

This is not too watered down. That's like concentrate.

If we were to mix these together

So that's what I think is the key. What I've learned about the chorreador is when you're using the chorreador if you're just doing one cup

Go to a community cup and then pour from there.

Well, one cup or a pitcher. You could've put a pitcher, like a big cup or a pitcher.

That would have been nice because these two combined would have made a perfect cup of coffee.


And these damn camper mugs are so big.

You wanna just go half, put another half of that in there? And there we go. [inaudible 00:08:03]

Spill it everywhere too.

That's perfect.

Now it's perfect.

Give it a rip. And wipe coffee all over the table. (laugher)

Oh yeah.

There it is

The trick is for sure to do it in one container.

Right. So either if you're making enough for two people, one container and then parse it out. Or just only enough for the single serving.

And honestly, now that I know I would just fill this bag half way up and then do about twenty-four ounces of water.


And then you should be good for two people.

That's perfect.

A half a bag of grounds. Twenty-four ounces of water roughly and then you should be good.

And you know it's funny

That's a quick way of doing it without being all, you know, direct

Think about it now, it's totally obvious, it's just like a regular coffee pot. Just like a regular dripper where you have at home. If you were to make a full cup, a full pot of coffee but halfway through pulled it out and put another container in, the second one would be weaker.

For sure

So just like anything else. So there you go. So the old chorreador.

There's a reason why the pour over goes into a jar, not two different cups.

Right. You do the individual cups or you do a jar right.


I think it's really good. I think it has good flavor. I like that it

It's easy.

It's easy. Reusable


Quick. Reusable filter.

The cleanup might be kind of a pain in the ass. Maybe not that bad.

You just gotta clean the sock out.

Yeah. But Packability, I mean portability.

Portability, packability. Tastes great. Tastes like a regular, it tastes like a pour over.

This is actually, I don't know. I might like this better than the pour over.

The thing is, you're not gonna get any sediment in the coffee.

No, but some people like that and there's different times for different people also but

I didn't mean that as a positive or a negative

Oh no, for sure. For sure. I think if I were in the market, I would pick this over a pour over. I just kind of like how it looks.

It looks great.

I think it's a lot more appealing.

You know it looks cool.

No, it does. It's definitely cool. If someone asked for a cup of coffee at your house and you pulled this out

If somebody asked for a cup of coffee and you said, let me just go and whip this out

Yeah, if you pulled this out, people would be like oh, what the, what's that?

Yeah. There it is. Alright well, chorreador. This is How We Brew It. Caffeine and Kilos. See you later.

See yeah.