Christian Harris talks baseball, football, and speed | Full Interview

Christian Harris talks baseball, football, and speed | Full Interview
Danny: All right, how's it going? I'm here with Christian Harris. Or is it Chris?
Christian H.: Most people call me Chris.
Danny: Most people call you Chris?
Christian H.: Yeah.
Danny: Is that what you prefer?
Christian H.: I prefer Christian, actually.
Danny: What about, okay well do like this, hey my name is Danny.
Christian H.: Christian.
Danny: There we go. He prefers Christian. All right, that's how you know.
Christian H.: That's it right there.
Danny: Now everybody knows. Now they'll quit calling you Chris.
Christian H.: You know what it is, it's my Instagram handle.
Danny: Oh, is it?
Christian H.: @iamchrisharris.
Danny: @iamchrisharris.
Christian H.: You know what it is? Christian's too long so I shortened it.
Danny: @iamchristianharris, that's too many-
Christian H.: Way, way too much.
Danny: Then you get spelling issues.
Christian H.: Right.
Danny: You know what I mean? I guess there's only one way to spell Christian.
Christian H.: Yeah.
Danny: There's a couple vowels in a row and people could get that jumbled up, I


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Christian H.: Yeah, you can. It's happened.
Danny: So Christian, you are with Move Fast Lift Heavy.
Christian H.: Yes.
Danny: What is Move Fast Lift Heavy besides obviously like a clean?
Christian H.: Move Fast Lift Heavy is a lifestyle brand. We're based out of New York. We've
been going at it for about four or five years now. Heavy on the East Coast and
just trying to do our thing.

Danny: What is the first sport you ever participated, not necessarily for your parents,

but the first sport you really loved?

Christian H.: It was baseball.
Danny: Baseball. What position did you play?
Christian H.: Played outfield and middle infield.
Danny: Outfield and middle infield. I always played second because I have a weenie
arm. I'll field the grounders, I'll get in front of the ball, but I just don't have a
good ... For whatever reason, I've always been that way.

Christian H.: That's all right.
Danny: There's a position for everybody. There's a life lesson in there.
Christian H.: That's true.
Danny: You know what I mean?
Christian H.: First baseman, no arm.
Danny: No arm.
Christian H.: Gone, cut off.
Danny: No, and maybe left-handed, ideally but not necessarily.
Christian H.: Exactly.
Danny: So baseball and then?

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Christian H.: Baseball and then I actually got into football senior year of high school. I loved it
so much and just kind of said screw baseball, and ended up playing that in
Danny: Really?
Christian H.: Yeah.
Danny: Very cool. So you played some football in college?
Christian H.: Played some football, played wide receiver at a D-2 school out here locally in

New York.
Danny: What school?
Christian H.: It's called CW Post.
Danny: Okay, cool.
Christian H.: Like the cereal.
Danny: Like the cereal. There we go, very cool. Then you got into CrossFit?
Christian H.: Then I got into CrossFit. During my time in school, I used to work for this place
called Parisi Speed School, which is teaching athletes running mechanics and
helping them prep for either combines or whatever sport it is they're doing, and
just trying to help them become faster athletes.

Danny: Right.
Christian H.: One of my coworkers at the time got me into CrossFit. I tried my first workout

like everyone else.

Danny: So from that, a lot of the speed school and speed work, if you were to give
someone one exercise or one thing they could do to be faster, what is one thing
that anybody that wants to get faster needs to do?

Christian H.: I would say push a sled.
Danny: Push a sled?
Christian H.: Or pull a sled. I like that.
Danny: Which one, push or pull?
Christian H.: Let's go with pull.

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Danny: Pull a sled.
Christian H.: Pull a sled.
Danny: Now are you talking about sprinting pulling it or walking?
Christian H.: Sprinting pulling.
Danny: So lighter weight?
Christian H.: A weight that is challenging but you can sprint.
Danny: Yeah, so if it's too-
Christian H.: If it's too light-
Danny: Then what are we doing?
Christian H.: Exactly.
Danny: But if it's too heavy it messes with mechanics.
Christian H.: Too heavy, you're basically walking.
Danny: Right. So light enough to where you can keep your mechanics but heavy enough

to where you know you're pulling something.

Christian H.: Absolutely.
Danny: I'd say that's approximately 50% of body weight. I made up a number.
Christian H.: I like that.
Danny: Is that good?
Christian H.: We'll go with that.
Danny: The 50% research says, 50% of your body weight is the perfect amount to pull

on a sled for your sprints.

Christian H.: Yep, yep.
Danny: Very good. Then just with that being said, you're also relatively strong. Right,

you've been doing some weightlifting.

Christian H.: I do okay.

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Danny: With that, what was one thing, this is something I like to ask a lot of people,

what is one thing someone can do to be strong?

Christian H.: Squat.
Danny: Squat. No? Yeah?
Christian H.: Squat.
Danny: Front squat? Back squat? Overhead squat?
Christian H.: I like the back squat.
Danny: Zercher?
Christian H.: Back.
Danny: Back squat.
Christian H.: You can put the most weight on it to have the most carryover to everything else.
Danny: Most-
Christian H.: Back squat goes up, everything else goes up.
Danny: Very cool. Out of all of your athletic endeavors, baseball, football, CrossFit,
whatever else you've done, what is one thing you are most proud of?
Christian H.: One thing I'm most proud of? I would say bouncing back from injury.
Danny: Yeah.
Christian H.: And staying positive.
Danny: Is there a specific injury that makes you think about that?
Christian H.: A torn pec.
Danny: Torn pec, so coming back from that?
Christian H.: Coming back from that.
Danny: Power cleaning 315?
Christian H.: First night, tonight, power cleaning, hit 315. I'm pretty happy about that.
Danny: Yeah.

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Christian H.: It's like only 20 pounds under my best.
Danny: Yeah.
Christian H.: Yeah, I'll take it.
Danny: What I just learned is you don't have to train to be strong.
Christian H.: Correct. Well, actually what I'll say is strength, obviously it takes a long time to

go way.

Danny: I heard that strength is never a weakness.
Christian H.: I agree.
Danny: There it is. Awesome. All right, Chris, appreciate the talk. Great seeing you.
Christian H.: Thank you.
Danny: Appreciate your time man.
Christian H.: Thank you for having me.
Danny: All right, thank you.