Fitness Business Summit 2018 | Interview With Bedros Keuilian | FBS 18

Fitness Business Summit 2018 | Interview With Bedros Keuilian | FBS 18

Daniel: Before we begin, alright, the whole thing. Crowd going wild. You gotta dig deep to go full tilt. You hit your boots. You know what I'm saying. Follow the Russian guy, alright?


And so, I'm thinking big impact ... That you need to make that impact, and the way to do that, to form that relationship and to make that impact is by building a lifestyle. A community. By building emotional connection. Commitment. By building a relationship, and you do that through your identity, in your brain. Thank you for your time.

... And so they now, boom ... stories just ... here we are [inaudible 00:01:26]

Hey everybody, I'm Danny with Caffeine and Kilos, and we have Bedros Keuilian here and we are at the FBS 2018: the Fitness Business Summit. So Bedros, what started your journey into fitness?

Bedros: Yeah well I was a fat kid, out of shape, and this was in high school, and I wanted to get in prom. I want to go to prom. I had about 35 pounds to lose and all I knew was that no girl's gonna say yes to me if I'm fat and out of shape. So, I got in shape the summer before senior year -

Daniel: Yeah.

Bedros: I never asked a girl to prom -

Daniel: Right.

Bedros: But that changed my entire trajectory and put me into fitness. And so, that was about 25 years ago and here we are today. I'm the founder of Fit Body Boot Camp -

Daniel: Right.

Bedros: One of the world's fastest growing fitness franchises. I get to coach and consult 43,000 personal trainers worldwide and we do the annual fitness business summit where great people like you get to come and put out Caffeine and Kilos for us to enjoy!

Daniel: So, what is your goal in fitness? Do you have a personal goal or something you're trying to accomplish or is it just spreading fitness? Kinda what drives you in the fitness base?

Bedros: Good question, so the way I figured is, if I eat right and live healthy, I'm gonna live to 100 years old. I'm 43 years old now. This means my personal goal is to impact 10,000,000 lives every single morning through fitness, health, proper nutrition, positive mindset. For that to happen, I have to help literally tens of thousands of personal trainers worldwide, gym owners, who can then go and help their clients. So my personal goal is to be the ultimate personal trainer.

Daniel: So, is that what brought you to the Fitness Business Summit? To helping business owners? Like, what made that shift ... Because I know you used to be a personal trainer -

Bedros: Yup.

Daniel: So that shift from trainer to training the trainers -

Bedros: Yes.

Daniel: What drove that shift?

Bedros: That was exactly it. So, when I had five personal training gyms, I knew I was helping people right here in San Diego, but that's in five different cities. And so, as other personal trainers were asking me, "Hey, how do I open up a gym? How do I grow my clientele?" I realized I'm helping them impact more clients and I love the idea of that.

So, ultimately I sold my five personal training gyms and I got into a place where I was coaching and consulting trainers and through them, I'm making a bigger impact. So for me, I just took the impact I had on my life. I started training people one on one. Then, I had five gyms and then I helped starting helping trainers. And then we created our franchise, and now Fitness Business Summit, and it's really about helping more people get fit and I don't care if I'm training them myself or if I'm training them through you.

Daniel: Right.

Bedros: I just wanna impact as many lives through health and fitness before I die.

Daniel: It's a way to scale.

Bedros: It is a way to scale. Yes, indeed.

Daniel: Alright, so last question for you is ... I normally ask this about people getting strong, but since you have really shifted towards that business focus and helping that ... I know it's tough; there's a lot of things, but if someone just said just one piece of advice that anybody could use in business ... Just one thing that anyone can implement?

Bedros: One piece of advice that anybody could use in business is to become the best at what you do. In other words, differentiate yourself by becoming the best in class. And so, I'll use our franchise as an example: Fit Body Boot Camp. We're the best at what we do, we don't offer day care, we don't offer a juice bar, we don't offer child care, we don't have showers. We run boot camps, we deliver fat loss results in 30 minutes, and we do it better than anybody else. So you could do that in a crossfit box, you can do that in a 101 personal training environment, you can do that in a life coaching environment. If you become the best, you can build the reputation around it and you can charge what you want and make a bigger impact.

Daniel: Quality.

Bedros: Quality indeed.

Daniel: Awesome, thank you so much Bedros!

Bedros: Thank you!

Daniel: Alright man.

Bedros: 'Appreciate it!