MegSquats on her experience being an all around college athlete | Full Interview

MegSquats on her experience being an all around college athlete | Full Interview

Interviewer:                         Oh, ya gotta lose the kicks.

Meg:                                           Got to lose the kick, they're classics, so I can't-

Interviewer:                         Oh, you can't jump rope in classics. Olly olly oxen free- All right., now-

Meg:                                           That was 100 cold, double unders.

Interviewer:                         Here we are with Meg.

Meg:                                           It was 33 but don't-

Interviewer:                         Meg Jumps.

Meg:                                           That's-

Interviewer:                         Leave 'em off, we're starting the interview.

Meg:                                           Oh, okay.

Interviewer:                         That's gonna be the intro scene.

Meg:                                           I'm ready.

Interviewer:                         All right, we've got Meg Jumps here.

Meg:                                           It's me.

Interviewer:                         Okay, so actually it is Meg Gallagher.

Meg:                                           Meg Gallagher.

Interviewer:                         Megsquats.

Meg:                                           Also, Megsquats. I'm famous on YouTube.

Interviewer:                         Famous on YouTube as?

Meg:                                           Which ... As a YouTuber.

Interviewer:                         Oh yeah, YouTuber. Yeah, new profession.

Meg:                                           Ah, yeah. They actually-

Interviewer:                         How long have you been Megsquats? When did you change your name?

Meg:                                           I told this story a couple of times today because I did a bikini show.

Interviewer:                         Right.

Meg:                                           And then I immediately, like off the stage, gained 25 pounds, and then I decided ... The only thing I wanted to do was sit in the corner and squat 'cause I had all this weight. I wasn't comfortable with it, but I was comfortable squatting.

Interviewer:                         Right.

Meg:                                           So then I named myself, Megsquats.

Interviewer:                         During the bodybuilding show you were actually Meg Flexes, I heard, is that true?

Meg:                                           Yeah but I was doing bikini, so I was like this.

Interviewer:                         So it's more like Meg Poses.

Meg:                                           Yeah.

Interviewer:                         Meg Smiles.

Meg:                                           Yeah. It was pretty lame.

Interviewer:                         Meg Bats Her Eyes.

Meg:                                           Yeah, I was trying to-

Interviewer:                         You've actually had many iterations of the Meg name, but Megsquats is what stuck.

Meg:                                           Yep. I did Smolov, so-

Interviewer:                         Oh, that's a lot of volume.

Meg:                                           Yeah.

Interviewer:                         Awesome. So you also, so you now [became 00:01:35] powerlifting, and you have a meet coming up.

Meg:                                           I'm getting ready for USA PL Nationals in Orlando, Florida, 63 kilo class. That's all I got.

Interviewer:                         Awesome. So approximately how many powerlifting events have you been?

Meg:                                           I think this will be my seventh or eight meet.

Interviewer:                         Seventh or eight meet, in like four years?

Meg:                                           In three years.

Interviewer:                         Three years.

Meg:                                           Like my three year anniversary is coming up.

Interviewer:                         Do you plan on kind of keeping that to a couple of meets a year, or just kind of see what happens?

Meg:                                           Yeah I think before I got here I dabbled in a lot of different things. I did the bikini show, I did some strongman stuff.

Interviewer:                         Some crossfit obviously.

Meg:                                           I did. You saw me do 100 double unders unbroken.

Interviewer:                         I think I actually witnessed the last crossfit workout you did.

Meg:                                           Oh yes you did. It's on my YouTube channel if you guys want to check it out. We'll link it in the description.

Interviewer:                         Yeah.

Meg:                                           Yeah I did, I worked with [Kathy 00:02:24] [Nikilos 00:02:25] for the Crossfit Games, and did a little crossfit workout.

Interviewer:                         About 14 months ago.

Meg:                                           About that. But it was fun.

Interviewer:                         Did great.

Meg:                                           It was fun to watch, not fun to do.

Interviewer:                         Yep.

Meg:                                           I did okay. You were cheering me on.

Interviewer:                         You did great. I cheered you on.

Meg:                                           Very good coach. Very good coach.

Interviewer:                         Yep tell everybody. But you say that 100 times, it'd never get old.

Meg:                                           He was giving me like crossfit tricks, like what did you do. I dropped the deadlift and then I ...

Interviewer:                         Yeah. Well like this, if there's 12 reps, you go like seven, eight, and then you say "And ... Twelve."

Meg:                                           Exactly.

Interviewer:                         Right, and then on to the next one. Kind of like you're doubling, "And 100."

Meg:                                           Exactly.

Interviewer:                         Yeah, okay. So what are you most proud of in athletic accomplishments?

Meg:                                           Okay.

Interviewer:                         Whether that be powerlifting, or the bikini show, or anything, or walking to work? Seriously what are most proud of in your athletic endeavors?

Meg:                                           A lot of people don't know this but I played basketball in college, and my team was really good. On the team I wasn't the best, that's for sure, but I think that was a big accomplishment for me to finally get to that level.

Interviewer:                         What college?

Meg:                                           I went to a Division Two school, at the time they were NAIA. So we went to NAIA like National Championships, which was pretty cool.

Interviewer:                         Very cool.

Meg:                                           It was called Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio.

Interviewer:                         Oh.

Meg:                                           Yeah.

Interviewer:                         Columbus is my favorite part of Ohio.

Meg:                                           Really? It's like the only good part.

Interviewer:                         That's what I mean when I say it's my favorite part throughout entire Ohio.

Meg:                                           And it's home of The Arnold.

Interviewer:                         The Arnold, fantastic. They have a little tech scene.

Meg:                                           They have a little tech scene?

Interviewer:                         Like tech companies.

Meg:                                           Ohh.

Interviewer:                         It's kind of like they have a little thing [online 00:04:02].

Meg:                                           Yeah, so we got to go there and make our new startup.

Interviewer:                         How many years of college basketball did you play?

Meg:                                           I played two years and then I transitioned to cross country.

Interviewer:                         Ohh.

Meg:                                           So I did cross country for my Sophomore Juniors [00:04:14]. I was the cross country captain.

Interviewer:                         Really?

Meg:                                           Yes.

Interviewer:                         Not a lot of people know this maybe.

Meg:                                           Not a lot of people know this. Comin' at you live on the Caffeine and Kilos YouTube channel. What can I say?

Interviewer:                         Megsquats, you see me run.

Meg:                                           Yes, see.

Interviewer:                         It was Meg Dribbles, Meg Runs.

Meg:                                           I had a really good jumper not great at the [handles 00:04:36].

Interviewer:                         Ohh yeah, so what is that? A small forward? I mean what position did you play?

Meg:                                           I was a two guard.

Interviewer:                         Two guard 'cause you were too short to be a small forward.

Meg:                                           Correct.

Interviewer:                         But two guard's kind of rough, you can't dribble the ball.

Meg:                                           Yeah, I didn't want to do it.

Interviewer:                         That's why you only played two years and then said, "I'm good at the running part."

Meg:                                           Yeah, exactly.

Interviewer:                         That's great. So you're strong and you're competing at Nationals in powerlifting. If you were to pick one thing that someone one [woudl 00:05:04] do if they're like ... Someone's trying to get strong, what's like the one thing someone can do that will help them be strong?

Meg:                                           That's a really good question. Just commit is the biggest thing.

Interviewer:                         All in.

Meg:                                           And that's like commit to showing up every day, and when you attempt any lift commit to pulling it, off the floor if you're deadlifting, or commit to lifting it, if it's on your back. Just commit to those lifts, and know that if it's loaded you have it in you. Now don't be crazy with programing, and don't go for a 40 pound PR out of nowhere. So be smart and just commit to what you're doing.

Interviewer:                         I think that's really good advice. It's not necessarily one move, but it's any movement, just commit to it.

Meg:                                           Exactly.

Interviewer:                         That's very cool. I appreciate that. All right. Thank you so much. Megsquats on YouTube.

Meg:                                           That's me. Check me out.

Interviewer:                         Megsquats.

Meg:                                           And make sure, if you're watching this video from my channel, so maybe I hit you with a little [00:05:57] story link, that's why you're here.

Interviewer:                         Oh yeah.

Meg:                                           Comment down below and let us know. Subscribe to the Caffeine and Kilos channel. Like this video if you want to see more of Megsquats, and I love you. That's how you outro.