PR Blend Vs. Night Train | Caffeine and Kilos Coffee

Danny and Dean explain the differences between the PR blend and Night Train coffee.

FEATURING: Danny Lehr, Dean Saddoris
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PR Blend Vs. Night Train | Caffeine and Kilos Coffee

Dean: We're going to start here with the Night Train. This is a dark roast. It is a Peruvian and South American blended coffee. It's got more of a chocolatey, heavy taste. Also a little bit of caramel notes in it.

Dean: So you're going to get the high caffeine content in a dark roast flavor.

Danny: A long time big fan favorite, the PR Blend. If you look on the website, the reviews for this thing are off the charts. Five star reviews pretty much across the board.

Danny: Is a South American blend as well, like a light to medium roast. And there are some nutty undertones.

Danny: So if you don't know which one you want, maybe you like the dark roast, but you also like the light roast sometimes and not really sure what you want to do, we do sell the double trouble pack now, so you can save about a 10% if you get them both together.

Danny: Now you know what's the difference between PR Blend and Night Train.

Dean: Double trouble pack.

Danny: Double trouble pack. Slap on the back.