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Full Interview with Terron Beckham Transcription

Danny: All right. I'm here with Terron.

Terron: Yes, sir.

Danny: Terron, what is your ... First of all, what is your Instagram name? What is your YouTube name? Where can people find you?

Terron: Instagram is @fbaftermath.

Danny: @fbaftermath.

Terron: F-B ... Everybody knows how to spell aftermath, right?

Danny: There it is, very cool.

Terron: YouTube is Terron, T-E-R-R-O-N-2-3-1-1. I made that years ago, so I just never got a chance to change.

Danny: 23-31.

Terron: 23-31. Well, it's 23-11.

Danny: Oh, yeah, okay.

Terron: 23-11. 23-11.

Danny: 23-11. 17-38 was taken.

Terron: Yes, 17-38, exactly. Hey!

Danny: You have some ... Your athletic background, so what was your favorite sport as a child?

Terron: Surprisingly, basketball.

Danny: Basketball.

Terron: Yeah. I was more of a basketball player than football.

Danny: From what age until what age?

Terron: See, I was forced into football as a young age, so that's what I started with, but basketball, when I got into high school.

Danny: Really?

Terron: Yeah, say from eighth grade to senior year or twelfth grade. I was just like it's basketball, because it was like first off, high school basketball, they've got all the honeys.

Danny: All the girls. There it is.

Terron: Football players, you could be good, and you know what I'm saying, that's football. Basketball, it's like all the pretty boys and stuff.

Danny: It's a cool thing.

Terron: Yeah. It's a cool thing.

Danny: It's like a swag thing, basketball.

Terron: I just like dunking on people, too.

Danny: Oh, yeah.

Terron: I loved to be in your way.

Danny: How tall are you?

Terron: 5'11".

Danny: 5'11".

Terron: 6'.

Danny: Yeah?

Terron: I give myself 6'.

Danny: You give 6'?

Terron: I give myself 6'.

Danny: I'm 5'11-7/8", but that's too much. That's a mouthful, you know what I mean, so I just say 6'.

Terron: I just say 6' as well, you know what I'm saying?

Danny: Yeah. Yeah. If someone says, "You don't look 6'," I say, "Oh, okay. I'm going to be honest. I'm 6'1"." You know what I mean? I just go the other way.

Terron: Yeah, yeah. You can't ... I'm not about to go down. For a fact, man.

Danny: Basketball, football?

Terron: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Danny: Anything else, or are those kind of the main things?

Terron: Track and field. It was just basketball, football, and track and field like clockwork around the whole year.

Danny: Sprinter.

Terron: Sprinter, yeah. I was a sprinter and a jumper.

Danny: And the two-mile.

Terron: No.

Danny: No?

Terron: I was forced to run the 400.

Danny: Oh, okay. All right. Oh, yeah. Yeah, well, because they say, "Oh, it's a sprint."

Terron: Yeah.

Danny: Which is-

Terron: Yeah, no, no, no.

Danny: Were they saying stuff to you as they were going by?

Terron: No. It was just like ... Everybody was dead, but I-

Danny: They weren't like, "You won the 100." Nothing like that?

Terron: That would have been good.

Danny: They should have.

Terron: I probably would have stopped and laughed right then, for a fact, but, yeah, it was embarrassing.

Danny: Then jumps? Long jump, high jump?

Terron: Yeah, jumps. Triple jump, long jump, no high jump.

Danny: Triple jump.

Terron: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Triple jump, also.

Danny: What was your favorite? In track and field, obviously, multiple, not sports but events, what was your favorite event?

Terron: The long jump and 200.

Danny: Long jump and 200.

Terron: Yeah. The 200, it's just something about coming around that curve that just slingshots you into that 100, man.

Danny: Really?

Terron: Yeah, there's like a technique to just running that curve, which I just was really fascinated with.

Danny: Man, when I run anything over a hundred, what I do is I start slow, and then I taper. I just slow down even more.

Now, you train, you work out, you exercise still on a regular basis. Do you do sprints still?

Terron: Oh, yeah. Yeah. I do sprints at least two to four times a week.

Danny: I was going to ask often.

Terron: Yeah.

Danny: Do you try and find some hills or mostly flat ground? You pull sleds? What do you do?

Terron: It's actually mostly I pull sleds, I run straights, and I run downhill.

Danny: No turns?

Terron: No turns.

Danny: Glory days behind you.

Terron: Well, I still do turns. Well, this is how I do it.

Danny: Tell me how you do it.

Terron: I walk the curves, and I run the straights.

Danny: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah.

Terron: That's kind of how I do things, just I don't jog, there's no in-between. It's either I'm walking or I'm sprinting.

Danny: On or off.

Terron: Yeah.

Danny: You're like a light switch.

Terron: Yeah, just like that, boom, hit those fast-twitch muscles, it's reaction and just go.

Danny: Very cool.

You mentioned earlier talking about you did not play ... You didn't play any sports, any collegiate activities?

Terron: No, no, not at all. I went to ... When I graduated high school, there was a college that was the most interested in me. I wasn't very knowledgeable about like what D1, D2, D3 schools there. I didn't watch sports growing up like that. I liked to play them, but I didn't watch them. I didn't watch college ball, so I went to the school, thought I was going to get a scholarship. It was a D3 school, and they don't give scholarships to D3, so I was at that college really just trying to do football and work, trying to pay for school, and football just didn't work out, and it was just ...

Danny: Later in life, you decided to give football a run.

Terron: Yeah. Well, I told myself that I'm going to get myself in the best possible shape as I can, and just continue trying to find a way, a path back into it.

Danny: How old were you at that point?

Terron: Wait, what? When I decided to go back?

Danny: When you tried to get back into football.

Terron: Oh, that was like two years ago.

Danny: Okay.

Terron: Two years ago.

Danny: How old were you two years ... How old are you now? How old were you two years?

Terron: Twenty-five, so two ... 23.

Danny: Twenty-three.

Terron: Twenty-three. Twenty-three, and got an opportunity, tried out.

Danny: That's great.

Terron: Yeah. I went to the combine. I killed it. I mean people, honestly, are still talking about it, you know?

Danny: Yeah.

Terron: I mean I did great. I went to it for as a running back, ran a 4.47, jumped a 44.5" vertical, so my stats were there. I got to try out for the Jets.

Danny: Right.

Terron: It just didn't work out.

Danny: I see.

Terron: I still to this day, don't know why it didn't work out, but you know what? You got to move on.

Danny: All the sprinting, and you're pretty strong, so tonight you, I think, what was that? Was that a six?

Terron: Seven twenty-five.

Danny: Seven twenty-five? Okay. I need to hit at 774, that's, but it was a strong pull, right? Then also got a pretty heavy power clean as well, right?

Terron: Still not there on the technique.

Danny: Not quite there, but that's something we'll work on. It gets better, right?

What would you say to someone, one piece of advice, one way for somebody to get strong. Someone says, "I want to get strong. What's just one thing I can do different?"

Terron: Something you do different.

Danny: Or, just one thing they can do to get strong.

Terron: To me, people are already doing the right thing, it's just consistency. People kind of ...

Danny: Be consistent.

Terron: Be consistent. People kind of fall off once, when they say, "Oh, I'm not getting stronger, something I'm not doing it right." It's probably not that. It's just that when you're here that you're not pushing yourself as hard as you were trying to get to weight that you've got now. You got to the weight that you got now, so we know you can get more, but I also keep it real with people, and say that everybody has their limit, as far as, I mean I'm not going to bench 600 pounds, you know?

Danny: Right.

Terron: I'm 230, I would say I give myself like 530, 540.

Danny: Five ninety-five.

Terron: No, I don't know about that. No, definitely not past 550.

Danny: Okay. All right, yeah.

Terron: Not in pain, or at least not without injury.

Danny: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Terron: I always try to tell people to come to an understanding of what you're just genetically blessed with and just try to be the best whatever that is, you know?

Danny: Yeah.

Terron: I'm trying to be the best 220, 230 pound whatever. I'm going to dominate in multiple things, or if I come and do Cross Fit games or do another sport, I would like to be a force to reckon with doing that.

Danny: What is the one thing you are most proud of? It might be athletic accomplishment, it might me anything. What are you the most proud of in your life so far to this point?

Terron: I'm most proud of being myself no matter what.

Danny: That's it. Keeping it real.

Terron: Keeping it real.

Danny: Awesome, man.

Terron: Yeah.

Danny: Hey, I really appreciate the time.

Terron: Appreciate you.

Danny: Terron Beckham. Make sure you guys check him out. At the beginning, you got all his information.

Oh, the shimmy. The shimmy shake. Come on! There it is.