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This Is how We Brew It | AluBall



Danny:                    Welcome to the next episode of ...

Dean:                      This Is How We Brew It.

Danny:                    This Is How We Brew It.

Dean:                      So what do we have here, [Danny 00:00:15]?

Danny:                    That's a jar.

Dean:                      Who sent us this jar?

Danny:                    So these jars, actually sent to us by Aluball, all right, and it's what Aluball does. They actually are big on Kava.

Dean:                      Kava, yeah.

Danny:                    So Kava is a recovery thing, right, recovery drink.

Dean:                      They explained it as it gets the yin to the yang.

Danny:                    The yin to the yang.

Dean:                      For coffee so it's like the opposite, kind of more like to mellow you out after training, right.

Danny:                    Yeah.

Dean:                      We tried some.

Danny:                    We tried some.

Dean:                      Yeah. I was ...

Danny:                    It made my lips tingle.

Dean:                      Yeah, it was a little tingly, but I was pretty relaxed.

Danny:                    I felt calm.

Dean:                      Kind of like zoned in, focused in, but like ...

Danny:                    Calmer than you are.

Dean:                      Hit some [inaudible 00:00:55].

Danny:                    Calmer than you are.

Dean:                      Yeah. How calm are you? You got no idea.

Danny:                    So they make this, then they sent it to us and actually suggested it as a way to make cold brew and so we're going try it out. So when you make cold brew, it's really not that complicated. You just got to put coffee grounds in water and then, just basically leave it on the counter or in the fridge for like 24 hours and you're good to go. The ratio, if you put more coffee and less water, it makes like a concentrate and you kind of take it from there. So the thing is then, you have all this coffee grounds floating in the water. So you can actually do it in a French press and then just when it's done, you could just then press it 24 hours later using cold water instead of warm. Another way is if you ground ...

Dean:                      Just the grounds in the water, mix that.

Danny:                    Grounds, the water, yeah. Then another thing is you could do is use like a nut milk bag. I said a nut milk bag.

Dean:                      That what it's called?

Danny:                    Yeah, that's what they're called. So they're like a sack that's like a filter that closes on top so you like put that in a pitcher.

Dean:                      It's like a hairnet, but a little thicker.

Danny:                    It's like a thick hairnet that ties off.

Dean:                      But it actually lets water in.

Danny:                    Right, yeah, yeah and so ...

Dean:                      I was going to say like a shower cap.

Danny:                    Not a shower cap, yeah.

Dean:                      Yeah, that's true. Those are two different things.

Danny:                    So anyways, that's one way. Then the other option is ...

Dean:                      Which is I really like that. I think it's pretty cool. Boom. Looks like almost like a toy, like you want to just throw it to your bro.

Danny:                    You know what, it's like a miniature version of the thing you just put pet hamster in and it would run around the house.

Dean:                      Hamster wheel.

Danny:                    Where do hamsters live in the wild?

Dean:                      Fuck.

Danny:                    I know. I know.

Dean:                      Mind blowing. I have no idea.

Danny:                    No, me either.

Dean:                      Do they?

Danny:                    I imagine the woods?

Dean:                      Do they?

Danny:                    I the woods probably. I wouldn't know.

Dean:                      Maybe they were just bred for pets.

Danny:                    I have no idea.

Dean:                      That's an insane question. I can't believe like I've never thought of that.

Danny:                    Yeah. In the wheel.

Dean:                      Yeah, in a cage.

Danny:                    In a cage.

Dean:                      They were born in a cage.

Danny:                    Born in a cage. So anyway, so this thing unscrews and then what you do is you just put your ground coffee in here, in this little ball that has built in filters. Put the coffee in there, and then you screw it in. You drop it in your water and then no shaking necessary.

Dean:                      No, no, no, false. They require about ... They said you should do about ... What was it? Thirty, forty five seconds to a minute of shaking.

Danny:                    That's with the Kava, right?

Dean:                      No, that was with the cold brew also, yeah.

Danny:                    With the cold brew as well?

Dean:                      Right here, four steps that even Danny can't follow. Water plus coffee plus shake plus brew 8 to 10 hours.

Danny:                    So there's this. Well, we are ... Don't need that guy anymore because we've got ... Here we go.

Dean:                      Boom.

Danny:                    Now ...

Dean:                      This has been steeping for ...

Danny:                    Eight to 10 days.

Dean:                      Eight to 10 ... No. A little over the required amount.

Danny:                    Pour it up.

Dean:                      But it don't matter. We're ready.

Danny:                    Ready to go.

Dean:                      So they also sent this cool jar actually with instructions, which is pretty neat. I kind of like this little mason jar-

Danny:                    It's a pint jar.

Dean:                      Yeah. So let's crack that top. Get a little smell of that. Of course, this is [PR 00:04:15] blend grounds, stock grounds out of the bag. We didn't alter the grounds. This smells really good.

Danny:                    Smells great.

Dean:                      Smells like concentrate. It's probably been brewing in here long enough to be turned into concentrate.

Danny:                    Should we pour that ball out or just pour it up?

Dean:                      I think just pour it up. So I'll give Danny a little bit here. Then myself. Let the ball drop. Perfect.

Danny:                    Just like New Year's.

Dean:                      Just like New Year's.

Danny:                    Yeah, and I think what you do is with the ball, I think how they said they want you to keep this actually, they say just toss it ...

Dean:                      No. It's made of plastic. It's going to go everywhere. Not that.

Danny:                    [Inaudible 00:04:55].

Dean:                      No.

Danny:                    All right.

Dean:                      All right, so here we go. Let's see how it goes. There it is. Good.

Danny:                    It's so good.

Dean:                      I was actually a little concerned at first because of how there's not like a whole lot of coffee, but it's also a small container. So you don't want to put that thing in a big jar because it's going to be pretty watered down. You want to keep it in something ... What was that? About what? What is this? Twelve ounces.

Danny:                    That's pint. It's not a quarter. It's a pint.

Dean:                      Never mind, but it was filled up all the way. Yeah, you're right.

Danny:                    So it's 16 ounces I think a pint.

Dean:                      Yeah, 16 ounces, which actually is just pretty good.

Danny:                    Yeah, it's really good. Another thing is a lot of times with cold brew, the different ways to do it with the packets or the other thing is a big part of it is lots of surface area so all the coffee. That was my concern is with that little ball, would the water be able to penetrate enough to saturate the grounds. Apparently-

Dean:                      Yeah. I think that's probably also the shaking is important.

Danny:                    Oh, that's why you got to shake it.

Dean:                      Got to get it all ... Make sure the whole thing gets bounced around because you don't fill the ball all the way up.

Danny:                    That makes sense, shake it and break it.

Dean:                      You fill the ball halfway up obviously because you got to screw it together. You can't just screw it together-

Danny:                    What if you filled both and then, you kind of ...

Dean:                      You could do that probably, maybe.

Danny:                    Make a mess.

Dean:                      Yeah, but I think they had it written as just kind of like halfway, like a little mound, a little over.

Danny:                    Mound it. [Burn that shit 00:06:08].

Dean:                      Yeah. Yeah.

Danny:                    All right, well, there you go. Cold brew with a Kava ball.

Dean:                      Kava ball. What was the brand again?

Danny:                    Aliball.

Dean:                      Aliball. Aliball?

Danny:                    Aluball.

Dean:                      Aluball.

Danny:                    A-L-U ball. There we go.

Dean:                      There it is.

Danny:                    This is how we brew it.

Dean:                      This is how we brew it. 'Til next time.

Danny:                    Until next time. What are we doing next time?

Dean:                      Who knows.

Danny:                    That's good.