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Cowboy Coffee | This Is How We Brew It

Dean, Danny, and special guest Michael Farr (aka Silent Mike) make their way out into the country to test out the classic brewing process known as "Cowboy Coffee".
Cowboy Coffee | This Is How We Brew It


Danny Lehr: We're out here in sunny California, out in the woods. All right. Dean, are you ... filming about getting filmed?

Dean Saddoris: We're on Instagram Live.

Danny Lehr: In session?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, Instagram Live.

Danny Lehr: All right. So anyway, this is, welcome to "This Is How We Brew It."

Silent Mike: This is how we brew it ...

Danny Lehr: It's more like a, this is how we brew it!

So this is how we brew it, we are making Cowboy Coffee. Dean, you know how to make Cowboy Coffee?

Dean Saddoris: I Googled it.

Danny Lehr: All right, so we're good. Okay so we got out here, we start a fire, get the fire going. We've got a pot of water on there, and when I was buying the bottled water at the store I also got some hot dogs, I got some skewers. So while we're waiting for that thing to boil up ...

Dean Saddoris: You know, it's actually catching up pretty quick.

Danny Lehr: Oh yeah no, things are happening, things are happening.

Dean Saddoris: So you going to fire up a dog, huh?

Danny Lehr: Fire up a dog. Otherwise what are we waiting for, you know what I mean? Grab a skewer Mike!

Silent Mike: I'm not much of a dog guy. I came for the coffee ... For camera, I'll hold a skewer. Skewer me.

Danny Lehr: You want this one? I'll get a freshie.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, sure.

Silent Mike: I'll heat up my wiener with three boys.

Danny Lehr: Now we're talking.

Dean Saddoris: I don't know any other way to do it ... That's got some heat.

Danny Lehr: It's fine.

Dean Saddoris: It's like cold heat.

Danny Lehr: All right, let's get this guy in there huh?

Silent Mike: Should I hold it over the water?

Danny Lehr: I feel like my wiener's going to fall off ... I'm going to burn my face.

Silent Mike: Hope not.

Dean Saddoris: We're going to cause a fire out here, there's ...

Danny Lehr: We already did cause a fire out here. As long as it stays in the pit, we're good. I built it nice and high because we were worried about it not heating up the water ...

Silent Mike: The water's happening, I see some bubbles. We're on the way.

Dean Saddoris: So what we're going to do here is we're going to throw in some of the new Night Train blend in the water after it starts boiling, and then ...

Silent Mike: Do we remove it from the heat first?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, after we remove it from the heat.

Silent Mike: So you boil it ...

Dean Saddoris: So you bring the water to a boil ...

Silent Mike: This dog's coming along nicely.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, look at that.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, yours is going. So we bring the water to a boil ...

Danny Lehr: It's sweating.

Dean Saddoris: And then once it cools down to about 200 degrees, then we're going to add the grounds and let it steep for about three to five minutes, and then let the grounds settle to the bottom of the pot, and then you just pour the water into everybody's cup ...

Danny Lehr: Sounds like a ...

Dean Saddoris: Without scalding your hands.

Danny Lehr: Sounds like a really-

Dean Saddoris: And then you enjoy just delicious taste of coffee ...

So we got it boiling so now we remove it ...

Danny Lehr: There it is, that's where that goes. And then dump some brew in ...

Dean Saddoris: No, no, no, we gotta let it cool down for about two to three minutes. What would you say is your favorite type of ...

Danny Lehr: What do you think? Dean, how much am I supposed to put in here?

Dean Saddoris: A good amount.

Danny Lehr: All right.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, that should be good.

Danny Lehr: Do we stir it?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, and then we stir it. We'll just use the hot dog stirrer, hot dog stick. This one hasn't been used yet. So give that a little stir job.

Danny Lehr: I smell it.

Dean Saddoris: Let that get to a nice little steep.

Danny Lehr: I should've brought my fucking train whistle out.

Dean Saddoris: So now they say the key to get the grounds to the bottom is to pour cold water over the grounds.

Silent Mike: That's not a bad move, I get it.

Dean Saddoris: Helps knock it down ...

Danny Lehr: So it's just like a science, a chemical French press.

Dean Saddoris: So a crema building on the top here ...

Danny Lehr: There is a crema building, I see that.

Dean Saddoris: This actually might not taste that bad.

Danny Lehr: No, I think it's going to be delicious.

Dean Saddoris: Set them up top.

Danny Lehr: Well they're going to spill, it's going to spill everywhere.

Dean Saddoris: Let's set them up top.

Danny Lehr: All right, let's spill everywhere up top ...

Pour some without spilling ... That looks pretty good ...

Spots around, oh this guy's going to ...

Now what we like to do on these shows, Mike, is we like to drink 'em when it's still way too hot. Usually we ...

Going down.

Dean Saddoris: I don't know, we'll see. Cheers guys.

Danny Lehr: Cheers, gentlemen.

Silent Mike: I'll drink to that.

Dean Saddoris: Here's to some Cowboy Coffee. Here we go.

Danny Lehr: Yee-haw ... Oh.

Dean Saddoris: That's money.

Silent Mike: That's fantastic! It tastes like my pour-over, yeah. That's game on.

Danny Lehr: It's actually really good, it's actually really smooth.

Dean Saddoris: It is.

Danny Lehr: You know what I think really made a difference, was letting it sit before adding 'em. If you add 'em while it's still a boil, it'll over-extract and it'll burn a little bit. Waiting for the water temperature to come down a little bit, and then adding the grounds in I think is what helps make it smooth.

Dean Saddoris: I mean, I thought it was going to be watered down. That was my biggest fear was it was going to be watered down. No matter the amount of grounds, I just didn't know it was going to react.

Danny Lehr: Yeah yeah yeah ...

So process is a ten. Anytime I can get the ol' flame out, there's nothing to complain about there. Efficiency would be about a one ...

Dean Saddoris: You gotta have a lot of stuff.

Danny Lehr: You gotta have firewood, you have to have a campground, you have to be a cowboy. There's a lot of requirements. But then flavor, I'm actually ... I'm going to say like a six or a seven ...

Dean Saddoris: Out of ten?

Danny Lehr: Six point seven, can we do decimals?

Dean Saddoris: That was a little lower than I expected.

Danny Lehr: Out of ten, six point seven. But that's not bad, I'm thinking like, that's over half.

Dean Saddoris: See I'm going to agree with you on everything that you just said, same numbers, but for flavor I'm going to go with an eight five out of ten. I'm going to give this a solid B.

Danny Lehr: This is like one of your favorites.

Dean Saddoris: I really like the flavor of this, I think it's really good. It might be that the grounds are still in there that give it a little extra deeper taste, but I think it's great.

Danny Lehr: I can tell you one thing, you drink a whole cup of this, it's going to fucking wire your ass up.

Silent Mike: So I'm going to go opposite with your process, because when I think, or efficiency. I'm going to give it a ten, because what is actually, I think, difficult is the preparation. The process I actually thought, coming in here I was like, "This is going to take us 12 hours, this is going to suck because we're going to boil the water, the fire's not going to start, and then it's going to blah blah blah."

But the actual process I found was super efficient. Preparation, luckily for me I had nothing to do with, was probably a little more a pain in the ass. What was our other rating?

Danny Lehr: Efficiency, wait so we had process, efficiency, and then flavor.

Silent Mike: So I guess the process is a ten, I thought it was just as fast as a pour-over.

Danny Lehr: Here's the other thing, I've never cooked dogs over an open fire while brewing coffee before.

Silent Mike: There's no other coffee-making mechanism that allows hot dogs.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. Although, business plan, new Café Kilos products.

Silent Mike: A wiener coming out ... The taste, you went B+?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, I went B+.

Silent Mike: Which is probably what, 80%? Or seven point nine?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, 85 to 80%.

Danny Lehr: I said six point seven, from a zero to ten scale.

Silent Mike: I'd probably, yeah, I'd probably go eight, eight and a half, this is right up my alley. I haven't gotten any, too much of a grit in my mouth. I had one, which I actually don't even mind. It's different of a taste like sand, but it tastes delicious. It's just as strong as I like it.

Danny Lehr: For all, I think the general consensus is efficiency, no, process, yes. Double yes.

Dean Saddoris: Honestly, if you're going ...

Danny Lehr: Flavor's not bad, if you're going camping, from now on, when I go camping this is the way I'm going to do it from now on out.

Silent Mike: What do most people do when they camp?

Danny Lehr: You bring a French press or something like that.

Dean Saddoris: Boil the water somewhere? No.

Danny Lehr: Never again, I'm not doing French press. Anytime I go camping again, I'm going straight in the pot.

Silent Mike: Yeah if you get a bigger one of those, you could probably hit up 20 people real quick.

Dean Saddoris: We can go over to the next door campsite down the road with all the crazies and get them some.

Silent Mike: Make some friends. Campsite crazies, there we go.

Danny Lehr: All right, this is another episode of?

Dean Saddoris: This is How We Brew It.

Danny Lehr: This is How We Brew It.

Special guest Silent Mike in the house, thanks for coming out, appreciate it.

Silent Mike: Thanks for having me guys.

Dean Saddoris: Alrighty, see you next time.

Danny Lehr: Back to the woods.

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