This Is How We Brew It | Turkish Coffee

This Is How We Brew It  |  Turkish Coffee

Danny:                Yeah.

Dean:                    My pants are fucking Om. Like...

Danny:                    Survey?

Dean:                      We rollin'?

Danny:            [Whistles]

Dean:                      Here we are, another episode of... "This Is How We Brew It."

Danny:            This is how we brew it.

Dean:                      It's Tuesday... afternoon!

Danny:            Alright, this is how we brew it. Today, we're going over how to make Turkish coffee. So, Turkish coffee, it's a multi-step process. Now normally, I personally like my coffee black. Turkish coffee traditionally has some sugar in it.

Dean:                      Yeah. Doesn't change the color.

Danny:            No, we're goin' sugar added today.

Dean:                      Yeah. It's still gonna be black, with or without the sugar.

Danny:            Oh that's... huh.

Dean:                      No sugar, no sweetener, no cream.

Danny:            No cream, no sweetener, that's right. Still black et good coffee.

                                    So we got our ...

Dean:                      Cezve.

Danny:            Cezve. We got some paper towels here.

Dean:                      Also known as...

Danny:            A briki. Briki or a cezve. Cezve?

Dean:                      I think it's cezve.

Danny:            Cezve. Alright, this gets really hot so you could have some kind of pot holder there. And then you wanna add to it the water. It makes an espresso, so we're gonna do the espresso cups. You can measure it out, but this is how we brew it. Not how it's supposed to be ...

Dean:                      You stick your hand in the already near-boiling hot water. How smart.

Danny:            That's what you do. Alright, you get in there, and we're gonna want a couple of these bad boys here cause we're makin' two cups, right?

Dean:                      Watch the rain dance on the heat.

Danny:            Ooh, like a drop-top in the rain.

Dean:                      Look at that.

Danny:            Drop-top in the rain.

Dean:                      Diamonds, diamonds on me dancin'.

Danny:            Drop-top in the rain...

                                    It's a remix right there, mash-up!

Dean:                      Double ...

Danny:            Double up!

Dean:                      Mash-up. Yeah those were the thing in 2010.

Danny:            Mash-ups are the thing. There's this DJ called GirlTalk, and he just pumps out the hottest mash-ups you'll ever hear.

Dean:                      Soundcloud? Is he like house mash-ups? Like house music and rap music?

Danny:            Oh dude, it'll be like ACDC, but then with some ...

Dean:                      Eminem.

Danny:            With some Eminem over it, or Mac Miller over some Led Zeppelin shit. With house music beats.

Dean:                      I can go for some Mac Miller, Mac Miller is good. Underrated.

Danny:            Yeah, underrated. Lil' Pump, stealin' his sound.

Dean:                      Lil' Pump does sound like him. It's like a very instagram version of Mac Miller.

Danny:            It is, cause all the songs are shorter.

Dean:                      You gotta fit it in to the time frame. Maybe even snapchat version.

Danny:            It is like the snap version. Speaking of snapchat, CaffeineKilos, no and. Snapchat.

Dean:                      CaffeineKilos.

Danny:            Alright, so we're just kinda talkin' here while this starts to boil. Once this begins to simmer, which we're getting close to, you add sugar ...

Dean:                      It's very important that you do not add it after it's boiling. You add it right before, when it's gettin' there.

Danny:            As it begins to simmer. Alright? Simmer, simmer up now. So the cezve, can you tell em about the cezve a little, Dean? Like what's it made out of?

Dean:                      Its made out of I believe solid copper from top to bottom. Right?

Danny:            I think so, yeah.

Dean:                      Yeah, and you know it kinda gets to the nice little change a color here. Multiple uses, we've used it before.

Danny:            Is there a name for that when it kinda changes color?

Dean:                      The patina.

Danny:            Patina! Yeah, last time you said that I thought you called me a dirty name.

Dean:                      Yeah, it can go either way. Ah you, you patina.

Danny:            Well I mean if you think puta, patina, that'd be like the ...

Dean:                      Or poutine, like the delicious Canadian treat.

Danny:            Oh, so my favorite part of goin' to Canada.

Dean:                      I've actually never had it. But ...

Danny:            It's so good.

Dean:                      It looks really good.

Danny:            It's so good. Cheese curds, who knew?

Dean:                      I've had cheese curds. I've had gravy and I've had fries. All at different times though.

Danny:            It's one of those things when you first hear about it you kinda go, "Huh?" And you think about it. Yeah...

Dean:                      It's just like carne asada fries, or any kind of fry mixer.

Danny:            Alright, startin to get some ...

Dean:                      Sugar time?

Danny:            Small bubbles on the bottom. So let me get in there. There it is, a little stir action. Stir it in there.

Dean:                      Thank you for Domino Sugar for the sponsorship. They sent us 3 single sugar packs just for this video.

Danny:            Should we do two, since we're doin' two things?

Dean:                      Yeah, why not?

Danny:            Yeah, why not.

Dean:                      Yeah.

Danny:            You know what they say, "Good for the goose, good for the gander."

Dean:                      It's what they say. Not all ponytails.

Danny:            It's not all ponytails. There ya go. Double action, dual action here.

Dean:                      Look at that little tap ...

Danny:            Most of the time I like to actually sprinkle it off of my elbow.

Dean:                      See if you get the ...

Danny:            Sugar bay?

Dean:                      You throw a little sugar on the grill and it starts smellin' like doughnuts in here.

Danny:            Yeah, you get two things that start smellin' like a combination of doughnuts and cotton candy ... Also I learned my daughter at one time got flames out of it. So that was exciting.

Dean:                      The best part was when she was pouring the stuff into the bowl, it was only on the edge.

Danny:            It was all on the side, and then flames. Almost burned the house down.

                                    Alright, so now that's kinda simmering up again, and then what we have is our coffee we add to it. Now this is interesting, a lot of times you make coffee different ways. There's a filter, you filter it out. Here? No go. Raw dog.

Dean:                      Straight in.

Danny:            Raw dog.

Dean:                      Straight in.

Danny:            Okay? And so you need to make sure you have really finely ground coffee for that. So we actually have a little hand grinder here, and we actually took ground coffee, put in the top, and then ground it down even further so that it's a fine powder. Mmk?

Dean:                      Yeah, it's almost like a flour, you would compare it to like a flour texture. It's not even a ...

Danny:            Oh! And we got a boil, so I think we pop that in there now. And so you put in ... They say to do one teaspoon per cup, but again how we do things around here is kinda like, ehh, that's probably one and a half, and that's probably pretty close to two. Alright, and then give a little stir I guess in there, huh? Right as it starts to boil. And then what will happen is it'll start to simmer up again.

Dean:                      Almost like a small foam, almost.

Danny:            Oh yeah, it's foam. Get in there, it's foamin' up in there.

Dean:                      Yeah, here it comes.

Danny:            Oh! Do I pull it when it starts to over go?

Dean:                      Ya got it ... Right before it goes over, ya gotta pull it off.

Danny:            Whoa...! Whoosh.

Dean:                      There it goes.

Danny:            There we go. Now ...

Dean:                      We let it simmer down ...

Danny:            You gotta let that breathe.

Dean:                      And then you do it again.

Danny:            And see ... Oh! We already got a boil, things are happening in there.

Dean:                      Now we do another stir job.

Danny:            Stir jobber.

Dean:                      And you're supposed to roughly do this for how much of a time frame?

Danny:            Eh, I think you go through it two or three times or as video allows, is what the directions say. So we'll see if it comes up again.

Dean:                      There ya go ...

Danny            There we go ...

Dean:                      For the second bubble.

Danny:            Gettin' high

Dean:                      We also picked up these beautiful espresso cups and trays at SmugsRS, or SmugsRS?

Danny:            Ha!

Dean:                      SmugsRS? SmugsRS for all you ...

Danny:            Now there we go, that's the second one. And now we're ready to rock.

Dean:                      Yeah.

Danny:            Double duty. Turn off the burner, especially if you're in the warehouse and you're using the old bunsen burner. And you just pour it in.

Dean:                      Alright.

Danny:            Aww, looks good.

Dean:                      Get a little close-up on that.

Danny:            Uh-uh, watch your hand there. And the very bottom is a little thick in there. You can see it and so kinda what's left in there is ... I don't know if you can get in there or not, but pretty much just the grounds I powdered that's left. So you think not filtering it all it all would end up in the cups. That's actually not the case.

                                    Yeah, we'll just go ahead. We'll just let that burn. And speaking of burning, let's burn our mouths on this bad boy, huh?

Dean:                      It's time. Cheers?

Danny:            Cheers.

                                    It's so good.

Dean:                      Yeah, this might be the best one.

Danny:            Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. So there it is. Turkish coffee, nice espresso, add some sugar traditionally, though you don't really have to ...

Dean:                      Technically no, but ...

Danny:            And it's another thing that is really good, if say you're in a situation where you gotta bunsen burner. Maybe you're in a college dorm, or something like that, you can just ... It's definitely burning it and searing it onta the bottom. You can still make this there, you don't have to have all these appliances goin' on. I mean really, this is all you need. Just this little cezve ...

Dean:                      Technically you can do it on a stove top.

Danny:            Yeah, exactly. So if you've got a little cezve, that's all you need. You don't have to have much appliances laying around, and you're ready to go.

Dean:                      All you needs a grinder, unless you have your coffee ground into a very, very fine powder at like the coffee shop. If you buy coffee at a coffee shop and you get beans there, grind it to whatever you'd like.

Danny:            Or if you're a college student, you probably have a grinder of some sort laying around.

Dean:                      Yeah, different kinds.

Danny:            There ya go.

Dean:                      Might not be as fine as you need it, but ...

Danny:            Yeah, you work it over a few times. There we go.

                                    Alright, there ya go. Turkish coffee and this is how we brew it.

Dean:                      Till next time.