6 Ways CrossFit Makes Your Life Better

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6 Ways CrossFit Makes Your Life Better

So, what's all the hype with this CrossFit? Well, ask any CrossFitter and you'll be there all day. So we wrapped it up nice and tight for ya: here are SIX quick points about how CrossFit will improve you, your life, and the lives you touch.

First and foremost, let’s start with the most obvious: you’ll get WAY stronger. CrossFit workouts are designed to constantly challenge your physical strength as well as your endurance. Now, when you go to lift that heavy case of water off the bottom shelf at the grocery store and lug it into your cart (or across the tundra of a parking lot to your car), you’ll be surprised how easy it feels.

Your mood will improve: your elevated endorphins and aerobic activity will lead you down the path to a better mood! Like a runner’s high, but better: a CrossFitter’s high. With consistent movement in your life, you’ll find yourself feeling more positive, less moody, and more confident. Win, win, win.

Your ease of movement throughout the day will improve due to the well-rounded nature of CrossFit. You’ll be moving your body in ways you never would otherwise: Twisting, lunging, exploding through various positions. Your body will get tighter and tighter the longer you’re immobile. CrossFit keeps the grooves greased.

Your stability will improve: ever tripped and fell over? Now you’ll do that less. Your connection with your body will get better and better, leading to more efficient movement—and fewer falls, injury avoidance, and more.

Your body won’t hurt at your desk: thanks to all the mobility work and full ranges of motion you’ll be taking your body through in your CrossFit workouts, when you’re sitting still you won’t feel achy and creaky anymore. Sitting at your desk you might feel sore from that brutal WOD, but you won’t be hurting anymore.

Lastly, you’ll find a potent sense of community: there is something very special about a CrossFit box. Ask anyone you know that participates regularly. CrossFit has been built around a culture of extreme positivity, support, and perseverance: a combination of elements directly conducive to maintaining an active lifestyle and committing to your goals, no matter where you’re at with them. Beginning, middle, or advanced, you’ll find a warm welcome and instant support.

Needless to say, we’re big fans of CrossFit here at C&K. We’d argue it’s clear why. If you haven’t given it a go yet, try a class or two at your local box and get ready to reap the reward!

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