7 Reasons to Eat Your Greens

7 Reasons to Eat Your Greens

Chances are you don’t get enough greens. BUT there are a ton of benefits to consuming green vegetables, or even just adding a tasty greens powder to your daily routine. Here are some of the perks:

  1. Manage your weight: most greens are low-cal, meaning you get the most bang for your buck by volume. You can eat as much as you want without breaking the bank calorically, and they can help you stay full and curb cravings when they hit. 
  2. Prevent Type 2 Diabetes: The high level of magnesium and low glycemic index in most green veggies is ideal for preventing and treating diabetes. Research says that if you increase your intake by just one serving per day, you lower your risk of diabetes by 9%. And that sounds pretty worth it. 
  3. Improve your bone health: The high levels of vitamin K, Magnesium, and calcium in leafy greens produces osteocalcin, the bone builders. Middle-aged women who eat over one serving of greens per day will lower their risk of a hip fracture by 45%. But we think the rest of the population needs strong hips, too.
  4. Decrease risk of cardiovascular disease: Greens are high in fiber and rich in folic acid, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and phytochemicals. One extra serving per day can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by 11%. 
  5. Prevent cancer: Carotenoids, antioxidants, and flavonoids found in leafy greens protect from most cancer. And who wants cancer? Not us. Pass the kale. 
  6. Immune function: The rich beta-carotene and Vitamin A improve the immune system. So while everyone is divided about whether or not to get vaccinated, no one needs to be on the fence about broccoli.

And, last but not least, they make you look and feel better. It's science. And maybe it’s all the nutrients, or maybe it’s the pride you exude when you stand tall after ingesting a bowl of fresh spinach leaves.

Either way, greens are an important part of your healthy, active lifestyle. And we’re here for that. 

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