April Showers Bring Vitamin D Superpowers

April Showers Bring Vitamin D Superpowers

It’s (still) springtime here (for a few short weeks) on the West Coast of California and we’re all for going tops off! But for good reason: Vitamin D. So your homework for the month is to build a base of the good stuff, and here’s how and why:

Benefits of vitamin D:

  1. It helps fight disease
  2. It reduces depression
  3. It can help weight loss
  4. It regulates calcium and phosphate to keep bones healthy
  5. It lowers blood pressure

Here’s how to get it:

  1. Go on 10-minute walks outside! At least one, but as many as you can. Take an hour if you have it and soak up that sun! (Add sunscreen to prevent aging.)
  2. Take your workout outside! Even if it’s just your warm up, even if it’s just your cool down. Take one part of your workout outside every day this month.
  3. Each lunch in the sun! C&K CEO Danny Lehr does it everyday. He likes to build a base, but he’s also much happier when he does it consistently.

Getting some sun is essential for human happiness, and the benefits of Vitamin D fully support the cause. So drink your coffee on the porch this morning and let us know how good you feel.