👍 Because It's Too Easy For You

👍 Because It's Too Easy For You

What is it?

Do you want to lose weight? Save more money? Quit smoking, drinking, or some other highly enjoyable but ultimately detrimental vice? 

What is the thing that you want to do but continue to struggle with?

And why is it such a struggle when you know what to do about it?

(If you have absolutely NO idea, try a Google search. Or, sit down with a piece of paper and write down 10 ideas. I guarantee you’ll find a solution.)

I guess you can blame:

  • Time (there’s never enough)
  • Effort (if you just tried harder)
  • Energy (you’re drained from the day)
  • Discipline (you just can’t seem to follow through)
  • The Government (hell, you’ll always get ~50% of people to agree with you)

Although whatever you’re bitching about is probably true, you’re wrong about one thing — it’s not the reason you continue to struggle.

The problem is simple: you’re trying to do too much.

You vow to go to the gym every day, even though right now you go zero days. You decide not to buy any shoes this month, even though right now you average 2 new pairs each week.

Don't bite off more than you can chew because nobody 
looks attractive spitting it back out.
Carroll Bryant

So, what to do? How do you make positive change in your life without getting dizzy from being on the business end of a yo-yo?

Establish a pattern of success, then build from there.

Go to the gym 3x/week. Only buy 1 pair of shoes per week. Stop drinking on school nights.

Set an attainable goal that seems too easy. Something you have time, effort, energy, and discipline for. Something even the government can’t fuck up!

By experiencing success in these small wins, you’ll build confidence. With confidence you’ll be inspired and success breeds more success!

Stick to the plan for longer than you want. Going to the gym 3x/week for two weeks in a row doesn’t mean it’s time to increase. Only increase your commitment when you’re begging to. When it hurts not to do more.

Your homework this week: What is your one thing that you struggle with? What is the too easy habit you can start? Write it down and put it in your calendar (or plug into your ‘two-do-planner’).  

Establish a pattern of success!

Unless you’re struggling with a meth or opioid addiction, in which case you should check into rehab ASAP and quit that shit cold turkey.  

Be great,

Danny Lehr