C&K Blackberry Bounty Bars

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C&K Blackberry Bounty Bars


Here's your healthy candy bar: they're keto friendly, gluten free, grain free, and refined sugar free. It's blackberry season, and this is the perfect summer fat-bomb snack to satisfy your cravings. Grab one and go.

MACROS per bar: 240 calories | 10g carbs, 18g fats, 5g protein

INGREDIENTS (8 servings)

📍 2-3 scoops Clearly Collagen
📍 1 scoop Vanilla Clearly Caffeine
📍 1 cup blackberries
📍 2 cups shredded coconut
📍 50g coconut oil
📍 1 cup dark chocolate chips of choice (we used Lily's sugar free)
📍 pinch of salt

STEP 1: Blitz your blackberries in a high speed blender. If you don't have a strong enough blender you'll want to strain out the seeds using some cheesecloth.

STEP 2: Mix together your shredded coconut, blackberry puree, collagen, clearly caffeine, coconut oil, and salt.

STEP 3: Press your mixture into the bottom of a lined dish, think 5x7". We used an 8x8" pan but doubled the recipe. Pop that sucker in the freezer for AT LEAST 30 minutes.

STEP 4: Cut your bars into 8 equal pieces. Melt your chocolate, coat them, and leave them in the fridge until they're set!

That's all, folks. If you give this a try, be sure to tag @CaffeineandKilos on IG and let us know how you like it! Happy summer snacking.

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