C&K Vanilla Collagen Thai Tea Latte

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C&K Vanilla Collagen Thai Tea Latte

This is honestly theee most refreshing tea-based latte ever, bursting with spicy flavors of fall built to be refreshing in the pre-fall season (read: still hot af). It'll be an instant favorite non-coffee iced latte option for you. Floral earl grey boasting essence of bergamot, together with baking spices and vanilla create a surprisingly delightful thirst quencher that's high protein, low calorie, and dairy free. The best part? It's super easy and quick to brew. Here's how.

MACROS: 70 calories | 9g carbs, 0g fats, 10g protein
*Note: if you want this drink to be zero calories, omit collagen and replace the honey with a calorie-free sweetener of choice.

INGREDIENTS (4 servings)

📍 3 cups boiling water
📍 4 scoops Clearly Collagen (optional but included in macros)
📍 1 scoop Vanilla Clearly Caffeine
📍 4 earl grey tea bags
📍 1 cinnamon stick
📍 1 cardamom pod
📍 2 whole cloves
📍 2 star anise
📍 Ground nutmeg for garnish
📍 2 tbsp honey (or calorie-free sweetener of choice for no carbs)
📍 Almond milk to taste (optional, not included in macros)
📍 Ice

STEP 1: Boil your water and add to your brewing contraption of choice (we used a Chemex).

STEP 2: Add your collagen and clearly caffeine to your water and give it a quick blend with a hand frother (don't fret if you forget to blend--the powders mix in so nicely that if you swirl the finished drink it should be a non-issue).

STEP 3: Add your tea bags and spices and let sit for 4 minutes to steep.

STEP 4: Add ice to your glasses and fill desired ratios of tea to almond milk. Top with ground nutmeg to garnish. Enjoy!

There you have it: the best dairy free protein latte with no coffee you'll ever try. If you didn't know otherwise, you'd never know it was full of protein and low calorie. If you give it a try, be sure to tag @CaffeineandKilos on IG and let us know how you like it! Sip and savor.

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