Caffeine and Kilos makes me ____________

Caffeine and Kilos makes me ____________

By Jeff Lund


It’s not easy to Fill in the Blank sometimes. But it’s important.

While it’s popular to be negative and choose a nice cozy excuse to validate a negative disposition, there is a contingent of positive folks out there – a strong contingent – that wants positivity and to get the most of life. These people find fun, creative and positive ways to Fill in the Blank. 

But there are some people who  manage to find negativity even when it’s not obvious. They take something good and soil it with a bad attitude. But even more important is your default. If things aren’t really good, or really bad, is your default positive or negative?  

Having a positive disposition can not only help you sleep better, but can make you more  successful. That doesn’t mean you should fake a smile or pretend things don’t suck. Far from it. In order to be truly optimistic, you have to be a realist, otherwise you’re just naïve. But being a realist doesn’t mean everyone should have to handle your bad attitude.

If you’ve got it together, take a look at the people around you. The Debbie Downer thing exists, and yeah sometimes we laugh at it, but it’s serious and you should seriously consider your influences. You need positive people in your life. Not perfect, but positive. Everyone has the day when the blank would be filled with negativity. It’s impossible to make it through life unscathed, and to be immune to negative thoughts. The key is the moment the thought enters the brain, and how long you entertain it. Do you give in to it? Do you take it for a walk and find the depths of negativity, or do you swish it around, find some perspective and spit it out?

How you Fill in the Blank says at least something about you and in some cases, might say a lot. Sure, it’s just coffee and coffee doesn’t make your day better. You make your day better, you just appreciate the role of coffee in the routine of someone ready to take on the day and attack life, not just let it happen to you.

Jeff Lund is a freelance writer from Ketchikan, Alaska. His podcast The Mediocre Alaskan is available on iTunes