Cap'n Kilo Berries: August Coffee of the Month

Cap'n Kilo Berries: August Coffee of the Month

In the mood for a sugar-covered berry? Us too. The perfect summer treat has arrived, minus the calories! Get the August Coffee of the Month, Cap'n Kilo Berries, for a chocolate-covered-cherry flavor that can’t be beat. 

Roast: Light

Acidity: Medium

Flavor notes:

  • Sweet bread
  • Milk chocolate 
  • Blackberry
  • Cherry 

And here are the specs on the beans of this special blend:

    1. Ethiopian Arabica: We light roasted this bean from the Yachi Kachise collective in the Limu Region to bring out all the fruity notes! We also used a washed process, which makes those flavors bloom. Side note: Ethiopian coffees are so diverse that the small farms are worth it and the coffee is really distinctive. In the Collective we source from, there are 148 farms, averaging about 2 acres each, and over half of them are owned and operated by women. So when you support us, you support them. 
    2. Columbia Tolima Arabica: This light roasted bean from Tolima is responsible for the citrus, caramel and milk chocolate flavors in this blend, with bright acidity and creamy body. Fun fact: Tolima is the third largest coffee producing region of Colombia and accounts for 12% of the country's annual production. Located in west-central Colombia, this region is fully inscribed by the Andean mountains and the Magdalena river basin, making it rather remote and challenging to access.
    3. India Cherry Robusta: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, this is our FAVORITE Robusta for flavor and caffeine content. We’ll continue to use it until we can’t anymore. (Or we find a better one, but we doubt it exists.) 

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