Clean your gym bag—IT'S TIME.

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Clean your gym bag—IT'S TIME.

Be honest—have you ever cleaned your gym bag? It’s overdue. Spring is right around the corner and with it comes the season for spring cleaning. Freshen up your gym bag, freshen up your training. Here’s your step-by-step for how to deodorize your gym bag and give it a robust cleaning, plus some quick, easy tips to keep odors at bay long term.

  1. Empty everything out of your gym bag. Probably been a minute since you’ve seen it empty, huh? Open all zipper compartments and if there’s a plastic base in your bag take that out as well.
  2. Wipe the outside of your bag with warm water to clean.
  3. Once it’s dry, shake out any debris/dirt/crumbs leftover inside and turn your bag inside out.
  4. Deodorize! Mix 1 tbsp white vinegar and 1 tbsp baking soda in warm water and use your concoction to wipe down the inside. Make sure you pay special attention to seams. The white vinegar will kill bacteria and fungus lurking in dark corners so you won’t have stubborn odors hanging about.
  5. See those sweat-stained wrist wraps, knee sleeves and other accoutrements? Put them through a wash cycle. It’s time. **Note: do NOT use fabric softener. It creates a coating on synthetic materials that will lead to odor.

There you have it! Throw a couple dryer sheets in there after you’ve re-loaded your bag to help keep odors at bay. Even pop a dry tea bag or two in each of your gym shoes to absorb odors overnight. Happy spring cleaning, Team CK!

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