Cool Coffee Mugs That Fit In Your Collection

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Cool Coffee Mugs That Fit In Your Collection

A coffee mug says a lot about a person. Some cups are as plain as day to fit your no-nonsense attitude. Others have clever puns that show off your geeky side. Then there are mugs that draw lines in the sand and show your allegiances to teams and companies. Finding cool coffee mugs to fit into your collection might be an ever-evolving task. However, it’s one you shouldn’t take lightly. After all, what’s more important than having awesome coffee cups and cool coffee tumblers that are dependable and stylish?

Let’s face it. You’re going to hold a coffee cup every day of your life. In some cases, your office mugs will be attached to your hand all day long. We’ve been there. That’s why we crafted this list of stylish travel mugs and coffee cups for men. They check all the boxes of a quality cup and are some of the most stylish coffee mugs on the block. Let’s take a look at the coolest mugs you need to add to your collection.

Qualities of a Durable and Interesting Coffee Mug 

Creating your  collection of cool coffee travel mugs and awesome coffee cups for men isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are multiple times throughout the day that might require a unique shaped coffee mug to fit that exact mood. 

It’s essential to not fall for trendy coffee mugs you might see pop up on Amazon. They are a dime and dozen and made of poor quality. Inevitably, they can be prone to breaks and leaks. The synthetic materials these tumblers are made out of can even alter the flavor of your coffee. Here are some qualities to look for in stylish coffee mugs.


Our lives move at a rapid pace. Therefore, we need cool coffee travel mugs that can keep up. Modern coffee mugs must take the hustle and bustle of being transferred to and from the office, work, and gym.

When you’re searching for cool coffee tumblers, make sure they can take the wrath of your butterfingers. It also needs to hold up during those hectic over-the-seat tosses when your traveler is empty. The same kind of care should go into the quality of the coolest coffee cups for home. 

We’re all guilty of putting clean coffee cups away and allowing them to clang against each other as we push them back in the cabinet. How about throwing a fork into what we thought was an empty sink? These instances shouldn’t automatically elicit chipping and leakages if you’re buying high-quality coffee mugs for guys.


Although it might not be your intention, an interesting coffee mug is a fashion statement. While you might not run out and buy trendy coffee mugs in hopes of being the talk of the water cooler, stylish coffee mugs should still be a priority. Let’s face it; if your coffee mug is lame, there will definitely be unwanted talking!


Not all coffee occasions require the same tools for maximum enjoyment. A unique shaped coffee cup with a lot of volume is the perfect grasp for a cold day at home on the couch. Then, there’s a to-go coffee cup for the commute. Not to mention, you’re going to need cool coffee tumblers for iced brews at the gym.

We don’t realize how specific our needs are until we start curating our collection of the coolest mugs. However, once you find awesome coffee cups that fit your routine, you’ll never turn back. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest coffee mugs for all of your everyday needs.

Coolest Coffee Mugs for Guys

Anything that enters your daily routine should be heralded with pride. Your regimen is essential for physical, mental, and career growth. Little tools, such as choosing awesome coffee cups, will further set you up for the success you desire. Here are some coffee mugs for guys for all walks of life.

Stylish Coffee Mugs for Morning Workout Energy

Even bodybuilders need a little morning jolt. There are many benefits to coffee and weightlifting. Through this beneficial relationship, Danny Lehr of Caffeine & Kilos won a gold medal for Team USA at Masters World Cup for Weightlifting.

Caffeine & Kilos is the embodiment of merging the best of both worlds in weight training and artisan coffee. That’s why we’ve become the official coffee of the USA Weightlifting Team. Want to do as the pros do? Drink your coffee from the USA Weightlifting Team’s official coffee mug too. 

The USAW Mug is one of the most stylish coffee mugs. Its white exterior is accentuated with blue trim and emblazoned with vibrant red emblems of the USA Weightlifting Team and Caffeine & Kilos. With the USAW Mug, you’re drinking in patriotism with every sip!

In addition, the USAW Mug serves as an inspiration to get yourself to the gym. Etched with the words, “Fuel. Equip. Overcome.” you will no longer be a victim of your excuses. These words are a morning mantra to start your day (and workout routine) off on the right foot!

Coffee Cups for Men for Casual Couch Weekends

One of the best aspects of coffee is that the drink is warm! So, wrapping your hands around awesome coffee cups with steaming liquid is an enjoyable perk of your morning brew. Many of us like to relax with our hands wrapped around a warm cup of coffee on non-rushed weekends. The ideal coffee mugs for guys like this is our USWA V2.

The USWA V2 has a bistro mug shape. It widens from the base to make a nice, comfy chokehold for your hands around your cup. That way, you can keep your hands warm as you heat your insides up with a bold cup of brew. 

Show your support for the USA Weightlifting Team with these stylish mugs. Their color combo of white and blue makes these suitable and cool coffee cups for guys.

Modern Coffee Mugs 

Many trendy coffee mugs for guys and gals have something ironic or sarcastic written on it. State the obvious with a nod at everyone’s favorite stimulant. Get the Caffeinated Mug

Its name says it all. The words “caffeinated” are etched in purple, standing out nicely on its creme white background. Subtleties of the Caffeinated Mug will gain attention and appreciation from others. If you choose this to be one of your office mugs, it’s bound to be a conversation piece. 

Trendy Coffee Mugs for the Outdoors 

While a cup of coffee is delicious, it tastes even better when you step outside. There’s something about walking on your front porch and enjoying your brew in awesome coffee cups. Perhaps none are more awesome than the Ceramic Camper Mug

What stands out about these trendy coffee mugs is its wide-mouth feature. It contours out at the top, lending itself to hearty sips of tasty brew as you stare off into nature. Plus, the Ceramic Camper Mug complements the natural curvature of your lips. So, you’re less likely to miss your mouth when you throw back those last sips of java.

Aerodynamics aside, what makes this one of the coolest coffee mugs for guys is its ability to maintain heat. Ceramics are proponents of thermal conductivity. It retains heat within the cup, but its exterior makes sure your hands remain free from a burn. 

Best Office Mugs

Honestly, our office mugs don’t get washed as much as we’d like. Getting black office mugs might be the best option for those behind on their cleaning schedule. One of the most stylish coffee mugs for the office is the sleek, black Executive Mug.

This 17-ounce office mug holds enough liquid to hold you over a couple of hours. Without having to get up to refill, you’ll remain focused on the task-at-hand.

Plus, the handles of these unique shaped coffee mugs fit perfectly in the nook between your thumb and index finger. Comfortably stroll around the building and chat with co-workers. With these office mugs in hand, there will be no concern of spills. 

Best Iced Coffee Cups for Men

Speaking of strolling around without concern, the Iced Gainz Tumbler is a versatile addition to any collection of coffee mugs for guys. Our Iced Gainz Tumbler can be used for a pre-workout shake, hot coffee, or iced coffee. In the case of iced coffee, the Iced Gainz Tumbler will help maintain the temperature and prolong the melting of ice. 

This is one of the most stylish mugs with its bright green top and straw. The lid fits tightly to prevent leaks and spills. Lastly, its ergonomic shape allows for the perfect grip. It’s the perfect tumbler to chug on-the-go.

Most Unique Shaped Coffee Mugs 

Do you love adventure? Celebrate your thirst for adrenaline with the Adventure Mug. This 11-ounce stainless steel coffee mug is a nod back to the days of camping with dad. It’s a toast back to the simpler times in life. Ultimately, it’s a reminder to go back to our roots, disconnect, and collect your thoughts with a hot cup of joe.

Due to its stainless steel frame, your coffee will maintain heat. The heat won’t travel to the handle. That’s because it’s a separate entity-- a carabiner. Even better, this carabiner is functional. So, just clip the empty Adventure Mug to your bookbag and continue your hike. This little touch makes these some of the most unique shaped coffee mugs for adventure lovers. 

How to Choose Cool Coffee Mugs for Guys

Nothing is more personal than a relationship a person has with their coffee. Awesome coffee cups are an extension of the drinker. If you need help picking out stylish coffee mugs for yourself, friend, or loved one, try browsing our extensive catalog of trendy coffee mugs for men. 

Whether you’re looking for a cup of coffee for the front porch, couch, or on-the-go, there’s something for everyone. That’s because we have cool coffee mugs for every occasion. So, be sure to head over to our cool coffee cups catalog now!

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