Dairy Free Oat Milk Cherry Blossom Latte

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Dairy Free Oat Milk Cherry Blossom Latte


Oat milk tastes like sweet leftover granola milk. If you haven't tried it yet, you are seriously behind the times. Get out from under your rock and try this dairy free oat milk latte, super-caffeinated and just sweet enough with undercurrents of cherry and vanilla. If you like your drinks EXTRA sweet feel free to add more syrup, but this recipe will give you a subtly sweet taste of Spring coupled with creamy oatiness.

MACROS: 200 cal | 30g carbs, 2.5g fats, 14g protein


📍 2 shots espresso (4oz)
📍 1 scoop Clearly Collagen (optional for extra protein, will not affect taste or texture)
📍 8oz oat milk
📍 1/2 tbsp cherry syrup (can use sugar free for better macros)
📍 1 tsp vanilla syrup (we used sugar free)


STEP 1: Brew your coffee! Pour your shots into your favorite big C&K mug. We recommend the camper mug.

STEP 2: Add the cherry and vanilla syrups to your shots, as well as one scoop of Clearly Collagen. Blend them together briefly with your hand frother.

STEP 3: Steam your oat milk and add it to your cup!

That's all, folks. Quick and easy, you've got Spring in a cup that'll add lots of spring to your step. AND it's dairy free so no bloating afterward. If you give it a try, be sure to tag @CaffeineandKilos on IG and let us know how you liked it! Welcome to Spring.

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