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Did You Stir This Coffee With A Tootsie Pop?

Did You Stir This Coffee With A Tootsie Pop?

You might think so.  You’ll also wonder why you got an extra tick of energy from it.  And finally, how is it so much better than the stuff from the store?

Your coffee of the month in September is a blend from 4 regions around the world, blended and roasted to perfection by our coffee guru - Roaster Dave.  The combination of these organically farmed coffees blend together, bringing out slightly sweet citrus flavors wrapped in nutty chocolate. 

This combination makes you wonder if someone swapped out your stirring spoon for a tootsie pop! 

Introducing: Tootsie Bean Blend.

But how?

It starts in India & Brazil.


Both the Indian and Brazilian coffees are naturally processed and sun dried.  That means the coffee beans are dried in the sun with the fruit still on!  As the fruit dries, some of the natural fruit flavors stay with the bean instead of being stripped away right after picking.


Alakazam!  Sweet flavor notes of light citrus and a raspberry finish.


The best part?  The family owned Brazilian farm started on just 2 acres in the 1950’s, and contributes greatly to the local community.  The Indian beans, from the Ghats mountain region, is a cooperative of over 8,000 very small farms that work together and are farmer organized.


Now that you know why it’s sweet and fruity, where does the chocolate overtone come from?


It ends in Costa Rica and Ethiopia.


The Costa Rica beans are from Farm Hacienda La Amistad which is a 3rd generation farmer.  Their commitment to environment and forest conservation is first class, just like the coffee they farm.


After the fruit is washed off using water, the beans are naturally dried in the sun.  This process brings out caramel milk chocolate notes, with a mild citrus honeysuckle sweetness.  


Three hundred sustainable small family farms in Ethiopia form a collective that rounds out the blend.  They first soak the coffee with fruit on, before drying them on raised beds.  This brings out the bittersweet chocolate, which Roaster Dave lightly roasted to accent the berry notes.


And the extra kick?  The beans from India are a different varietal that naturally has twice the caffeine as most coffee beans.


Now you know how September’s coffee of the month came together. 

Try Tootsie Bean for yourself to see how many of those flavors you can taste!

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