Do You Even Know What That Means?

Do You Even Know What That Means?

There is no way this 5 year old knows what she’s saying.

She said it on the way home from soccer practice where she spent her time running around next to her friend, picking flowers, and keeping a safe distance from the ball.

“Oh man daddy, my legs are tired,” Norah said as she nestled into the booster seat headrest.

And then that’s when she let it loose.  “But when my legs got tired, I just did perseverance.”


“You did perseverance, huh?”

I followed up to be sure, “what does that mean?”

Then she nailed it.

My five year old calmly explained how “it means when something is hard, just do it anyway.”

Well, shit.

“That’s exactly what it means.  And you know what?  Sometimes I do perseverance too!”

I didn’t feel the need to get into the grammatical usage of the word, I was too proud.

And the best part was timing.  A few things had been a real struggle over the past few weeks.  But now I have a plan.  

I’m going to do perseverance.

Your Homework: Where in your life are you mailing it in.  Where have you all but completely given up?  Find where you can do some perseverance yourself!

And if it’s hard, just do it anyway.

Be great,

Danny Lehr