7 Off-Season Moves to Make

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7 Off-Season Moves to Make


We're a few months into 2021 and many New Years resolutions have lost their luster. The 30 day challenges are over, the competitions are still on hold and you probably need a new off-season goal to keep you moving. So we put together a list to help you set a new goal and make 2021 your fittest year yet!

  1. Push the weight. Pick a lift, add 10% to your working weight, see how that feels, and prepare to push it. It’s easy to slow down when it’s cold and everyone’s hibernating, but this will help build your lifts for when it counts. 
  2. Work on weaknesses. Consider this your off-season (even if the last 11 months have seemed like an off-season) and your time to fix imbalances, make your weaknesses your strengths and build a better foundation for the season ahead. Fine tune your form and get brilliant at the basics. Soon, you'll be so glad you did.
  3. Do more pushups. If you can do 10, aim for 15. If you can do 50, aim for 60. If you’re still doing pushups from your knees, try variations that will help you master the real thing. Setting a new pushup goal is a straightforward, measurable way to improve your overall fitness. 
  4. Do more pull ups. A lot of people struggle with pull-ups, and now’s your chance to not be one of those people. If you can’t do one, do one with banded assistance. If you can do 1, go for 3. However many reps you can currently do, add a few and push yourself. Everyone wants to be able to rep out pull ups. 
  5. Decrease your mile time. Yeah, this sounds boring. But guess how you’re going to beat out the competition next time you have the chance? By getting faster. (Probably.) If you don’t know your current mile time, go time yourself running a mile, then commit to working toward improving it over the next 4 weeks. 
  6. Make a flexibility goal. If you can’t touch your toes (which is a problem), practice stretching every day until you can. Then keep practicing until you can show up those girls in yoga. A certain degree of flexibility is essential for overall health and injury prevention.
  7. Set a “process goal”. If you’ve been telling yourself you should add weighted lunge steps to your program, set a goal of doing 20 reps 3x per week. It’ll take you 2 minutes, and you’ve got 2 minutes. Commit to incorporating one specific thing that will make your future self say “THANK YOU SO MUCH”. 

No matter what you’re working toward, remember that Murph is coming up in May and bikini season is just around the corner. So pick a goal and give it everything you’ve got. We’ll keep you caffeinated and cozy while you work. 

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