💪 Gainz for your productivity

💪 Gainz for your productivity

What’s on top of your to-do list? If you don’t have one, that’s OK.

You might actually be better off.

All the ‘experts’ that urge you to make a list don’t warn you about the downfalls.

Here’s some great news—I know to-do lists are for pud-pullers because I’ve managed to fuck them up enough for both of us 🙌.

Your to-do list lures you in with early success. After writing something down, you actually do it. Hell yes! Say it with me—PRODUCTIVITY.

But then 3 weeks later when you add something to your list, you have to stand on your tippy-toes to see the top item. The thing you wrote down days ago but skipped over so many times you don’t notice it anymore.  

You pretend not to see the important task that’s stranded between crossed-off items, like the broccoli my 3-year-old daughter leaves on her plate after the mac-and-cheese is gone.

The list grows, taking on dead weight. You write things down to get them off your mind, but with no real plan to take action.

Crossed-off items get further apart.

Ideas masquerading as tasks begin to file in, taking the available seats and forcing the actionable tasks to wait.

Your to-do list has become your should-do list.


This is the point where you scrap it. You stop adding to the list, or even looking at it. You go back to the old routine of forgetting to do things until you realize it’s too late.

But you don't have to fail anymore! After repeating that spin cycle for years, I’ve found three simple ways to get those critical tasks done. Enter the Two-Do-Planner:

Two: If it takes less than 2 minutes, do it now. There will not be a more convenient time in the future to complete that sub 2-minute task. Do. It. Now.

Do: Keep your list short and timely. No more than 3-5 items that you MUST complete that day. You don’t get roll-over tasks. Each new day requires a new list that you must complete before going to bed.

Planner: Be a scheduler, not a lister. Anything you can’t do that day needs to be scheduled. Put it in your calendar at the exact day and time you’re going to do it.

Like a Lunchable, you can stack them together or enjoy independently.

Your homework this week: Come up with one task that you have been putting off. Now, open your calendar app on your phone and put it in there—don’t forget to set a notification! If you’re feeling inspired, go through your old, bloated to-do list and run it through your sparkling new Two-Do-Planner.

Your to-do list has grown a bigger muffin top than a college freshman on a meal plan. It’s time to trim it down and actually get things done.

Be great,

Danny Lehr