Healthy, Low Calorie Heart-Shaped Collagen Protein Hot Chocolate Bombs 💣

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Healthy, Low Calorie Heart-Shaped Collagen Protein Hot Chocolate Bombs 💣

Healthy, Low Calorie Heart-Shaped Collagen Protein Hot Chocolate Bombs 💣

Find yourself in a last-minute situation hunting for that sentimental Valentine's Day gesture? Or maybe you've simply found yourself in the mood to melt some hearts.

Either way, here's a recipe we whipped up in honor of the occasion: a HIGH PROTEIN, LOW SUGAR, LOW CALORIE hot cocoa mix nestled inside a dark chocolate heart, waiting to be bombed with your choice of piping hot liquid. What could be better?

Macros for filling (not including shell, marshmallows or chosen liquid additive to allow for easy scaling based on preferences):
71cal/serving: 8g carbs, 1g fats, 1.5g sugar, 13g protein 🤯

**Find the recipe on My Fitness Pal under "Clearly Collagen Protein Hot Chocolate Bombs."

Ingredients (serves 8):

For filling:
85g cocoa powder
88g Clearly Collagen
80g granulated sweetener of choice (we used monk fruit)
~1 tsp salt
30g powdered milk (we used non-fat but you can use any type)
Dehydrated marshmallows to taste
Milk/water/liquid of choice to pour over bomb (we used almond milk)

For heart shells:
x1 70% chocolate bars (we used Lindt--can use any % or brand to preference. Also, maybe melt 2 bars in case of broken hearts.)


Step 1: Mix hot cocoa ingredients in large bowl.
Step 2: Melt chocolate (can use stove or microwave, per preference, but note your technique must vary depending on mechanism).
Step 3: Spoon about 1-2 tbsp melted chocolate into each heart mold, depending on depth of your molds. Ours were about 1" deep and needed about 1 tbsp each.
Step 4: Use a pastry brush to generously coat the sides of each mold with chocolate. Go over them several times as the chocolate cools and thickens or it will crack and crumble (infuriating) as you try to pop them out of the molds.

Step 5: Take your molds on a tray and leave in the freezer for 5-10 mins.
Step 6: Pop your heart halves from the molds and repeat steps 3-5 for the other halves. Remove all hearts from molds.
Step 7: Spoon 1-2 tbsp filling into half of the heart-halves (more or less depending on how deep they are) and top with dehydrated marshmallows.

Step 8: Melt each empty heart half briefly on a heated pan to moisten the edge and affix it to a filled half to complete your first heart bomb. Repeat until done!

Step 9: With heart bomb at the bottom of an empty mug, heat milk/water/liquid of choice and pour over bomb to watch it explode 💥

Step 10: ENJOY!

Give these a try and tag us on Instagram @caffeineandkilos! We want to see your best effort! 💖 Enjoy your high protein, low calorie, low sugar hot cocoas. Happy Valentine's Day to Team CK. Keep those hearts pumpin'.

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