How C&K Coffee Solved His Energy Crisis

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How C&K Coffee Solved His Energy Crisis

Do you ever feel wired and tired? Burned out? Like you crash in the middle of your day, and there’s nothing you can do about it? That was Jeremy. This guy ingested some odd 3000mg of caffeine per day and STILL. FELT. TIRED. Here’s how he fixed his shiz.

A day in the life of Jeremy: Caffeine Junkie.

The day starts with a Monster. Continues to drink Monsters throughout the day. Inevitably and unavoidably crashes at 2pm every day. Rinse and repeat.

Jeremy the mechanic had access to CASES of free Monster energy drinks. “That was the beginning of the end there,” he recalls. Starting with 1-2 cans per day, that number grew to double digits. “And I’d still be exhausted! I thought to myself, this isn’t right. I shouldn’t be able to consume this much caffeine and not even feel slightly alert.” He was drinking countless energy drinks and not feeling energized. “It was just a diet soda replacement at that point.”

Then, everything changed.

Jeremy joined CrossFit, and with it his wardrobe shifted (you know the shift—say goodbye to Under Armor and Nike shirts and hello to Rogue, Hook Grip, and Caffeine and Kilos tees). “[My first C&K tee] became my favorite instantly. I really liked the way it fit. And I wasn’t gonna be a poser and just wear the shirt and not try the coffee.”

*Cue everyone who wears the shirts and doesn’t drink the coffee running over to the coffee page to grab a bag*

Now, he wasn’t a coffee drinker. Jeremy already runs hot. It wasn’t until he “went down a rabbit hole and learned that cold brew is less acidic, has higher caffeine content, and got a cold brew maker off Amazon” that he started to enjoy coffee. He tried his first cup with a splash of creamer and thought, “that’s delicious! Why am I not doing this?” Before he drank C&K coffee, Jeremy had coffee with his cream. Now, he has cream with his coffee. The flavor profile of C&K coffee is so good he doesn’t need to drink those milkshake-like drinks.

Flash forward to now, a day in the life of Jeremy: Caffeine and Kilos Junkie.

Starts his day with 2 cups of C&K cold brew in the morning. Experiences no energy crash. Maintains steady energy throughout his day with no additional caffeine doses. Rinse and repeat.

“[The energy from C&K coffee] was much more mellow. It wasn’t a peak early in the morning; it was just operating at a higher level, and then staying there.”

Every day since he made the switch, 2pm has rolled around, and with it the expectation of his “there’s nothing I can do to survive today” energy crash—and it doesn’t happen. 2pm comes and goes, and he experiences no crash.

“2 cups of cold brew, and I’m cruising through my day. I’m having less caffeine and I’m not crashing and burning and dying.” His mood is more stable, his quality of sleep is better, and his partner says he’s “less of an asshole.”

His favorite blend? “There’s somethin’ about Diesel that really makes my mouth happy.” Surprise, surprise… it’s our most caffeinated blend.

TL;DR: drink C&K coffee instead of energy drinks to save big $$$, feel better, be objectively healthier and happier in your life, and—most importantly—to actually feel consistent, steady energy throughout your day.

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    This is so similar to my story. Thanks for sharing!

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