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😨 If You Want To Fail, Do This

😨 If You Want To Fail, Do This

You should know, it’s mostly bullshit.

Advice given out by posers who are regurgitating a cliché.

Work on your weaknesses.

Sure, you should expand your skills. And few things feel better than the juicy part of the learning curve that’s only experienced when you're at skill level: dog shit.

But how far will you get by constantly struggling with skills you're awful at?

You’ll get just past the easy setting.

Motivation to keep working on your weakness wanes as the grease wears off the skids and the grinding begins.

Turns out, the stuff you’re not good at is hard to get good at.

Now left with a subpar skill, it’s time to move on to the next weakness which will yield quicker results to a beginner.

Caught in the cycle of giving up when things get hard, your progress is slow as you ignore your strengths to follow the sage advice—work on your weaknesses!

See what I mean?

It’s bullshit.

You’re handcuffing yourself and making true greatness unattainable.

If you want to progress, you need to focus on your strengths!

What kind of restaurant should you open if you’re world class at smoking a brisket? Not one that specializes in shrimp scampi!

Double down on your strength and become the best at it.

The Guide To Success in Any Activity:

  • What is working? Do more of that.
  • What is not working? Do less of that.

Your homework this week:  Make a list of 3 things you’re REALLY good at. Then, consider how you can use those skills to your advantage.

It’s OK to work on your weaknesses, but you’ll find your true potential when you focus on your strengths. 

Otherwise, you’ll go broke trying to force feed your customers rancid shrimp that smells like an outdoorsman’s nuts that have been marinating inside a pair of cheap rubber fishing waders all day.


Be great,

Danny Lehr

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