It's Your Fault If You Don't Fix It

It's Your Fault If You Don't Fix It

She wasn’t “crying,” but there was a thin film of tears blurring her vision.

Starting off with “I feel stuck,” and finishing with “I’ve never had problems with discipline before,” she talked about her current struggle: Goldfish.

She crushes handfuls of goldfish between meals and has become a snack monster over the past few months.

Here’s the good news - the solution is beautifully effective and simple.

Your problem is that you’re making the decision right now.

In the moment.

The moment where you can justify anything.

And that’s why you keep disappointing yourself.

The good news is that you can easily fix your discipline “problem.”

Making the right choice in the moment is hard.  So, you have to make choices before the temptation is right in front of you.

Here is how you create or crush any habit:

Start by making the decision ahead of time.  In the morning write down - I will not snack between meals today.

Then mark a W or a L on a calendar every day!

See how long you can go without breaking the chain of W’s.

The combination of those tiny tasks makes any habit attainable.  When presented with temptation, you don’t have to struggle to decide.  YOU ALREADY DECIDED.  Now all you have to do is follow through, which is much easier.

Your homework: What habit are you ready to change?  Make the decision now, and it’ll be easy in the moment.  And, don’t break the chain of W’s!

Or, you can always just struggle through life disappointed in all your impulsive decisions.

Be great,

Danny Lehr

CEO, Caffeine and Kilos