Coffee of the Month: Orange Cream

Coffee of the Month: Orange Cream

*Cue sweet sound of kids chasing the ice cream truck down the street*

Big facts: orange creamsicles make everyone happy! So this month we put together two of our favorite staples, Ethiopian Arabica and Indian Cherry Robusta, with a majority share of our NEW favorite from Papa New Guinea: Chocolate Citrus Melon, to give you this bright, mild, full-bodied roast that screams orange cream.

Flavor notes: Medium acidity, valencia orange, hints of vanilla

Roast: Light

Here’s a breakdown of the 3 beans in the blend:

  1. Papua New Guinea Arabica: This coffee is sourced from farms organized around the Siane Organic Agriculture Cooperative (SOAC) located in the Chuave district within the province of Chimbu, Papua New Guinea. SOAC accesses the international coffee markets for farmers, creating greater earning capacity from direct trade relationships. SOAC also assist farmers with financing, coffee quality improvement, organic certification, and community based projects that promote gender equality and education. This particular bean lends its strong “chocolate citrus melon” flavor to our blend that will be the first thing you notice when you brew your first cup. It’s delish.
  2. Ethiopian Arabica: This is a solid staple from the Yachi Kachise collective in the Limu Region. We used it in our Lemon Bar blend last month for its lemony citrus flavor, and we roasted it a little darker again this month to bring out all the brightness. We also used a washed process, which makes those flavors bloom. Side note: Ethiopian coffees are so diverse that the small farms are worth it and the coffee is really distinctive. In the Collective we source from, there are 148 farms, averaging about 2 acres each, and over half of them are owned and operated by women. When you support us, you support them. 
  3. Indian Cherry Robusta: As always, we included our favorite Robusta from Wayanad Social Service Society collective in the Western Ghats Mountains of India. While Robustas are known for having a higher caffeine content, this one is particularly tasty, too. So we got double the caffeine with all the great flavor!

And rest assured all our beans are organically farmed, ethically sourced, and carefully selected to benefit everyone, from the small farms that produce them to the customers like you who enjoy them. 

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