Light Roast Season is on the Horizon

Light Roast Season is on the Horizon

By Jeff Lund

As I pass the ambiguous edge of the No Wake zone, I open her up. The 70 horse Yamaha propels my 15 feet of 1985 bare-bones fiberglass boat forward and into the north wind. I’m not cold. It’s officially spring steelhead season, camping season, Light Roast Season.

My normal winter steelhead program is double the PR blend so the coffee is like a hot smoothie, warming the torso as it traces the first phase of the digestive tract. The brain feels almost like it’s been placed in Pop Rocks, then settles into a sharpness that stays through the 45-minute skiff ride and hour-long hike to the fishing grounds.

But that time of year is over. The birds are excited. The highs are in the upper 50s and there’s no more snow or black ice on the roads. Even the overnight lows are tired of the 30s and have quit going there. The regular dosage of PR blend does just fine, as does a light roast.

The amount of optimism budding around town is the stuff of Transcendentalist, or naturalist poetry. That sort of thing happens when you live in Alaska. Because the cold, dark, bold-brew season is so harsh, the lighter flavors of spring are welcomed with ferocious enthusiasm. I’m so excited right now I’m not even sure I’m still writing metaphorically or not!

Anyway, it is of no surprise of course that Walt Whitman drank coffee as did other prominent writers who gushed about nature. Can you imagine if Henry David Thoreau went to the woods to live deliberately under the influence of the Ghost Rider? Me either. While I have sampled the writing of Thoreau, I have not tasted the Coffee of the Month for April, but can’t wait to try. I hear it’s light, refreshing, just like the breeze when you drop the hammer and speed into spring. 

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