Make the most of it

Make the most of it

I’m out of PR Blend, so I’ll have to wait a few days until my subscription arrives.

I went hunting this weekend in an effort to supply myself with meat rather than buy it from the store, but didn’t see bucks. 

Those are my biggest concerns right now. Inconsequential inconveniences.

During a moment of silence at my high school’s Veteran’s Day assembly Monday, I started to lose it, and once Taps was beautifully played, I teared up.

I’m not an emotional person but perspective caught me good. In my Nerf life, the types of things important enough to warrant complaint are wind and the rain, subscriptions, failing in the forest, if I should buy a new truck or not. Sure, there are many other real things that weigh on me, but the fact that something as trivial as the weather is even on the radar, is an indication of how good I have it. 
I’m scared because an editor might reject my book manuscript?

I’m intimidated by a moose hunt in central Alaska, judgmental colleagues, a brutal workout, people seeing me in a tank top, a presentation at work, being single, being married, having a child, moving to a new town, changing jobs, unfamiliarity in general? There are 25-year olds who would rather be unemployed than have a job they don’t feel they love. 

The people who were of age during World War II had no choice. There was no option. There was no time for timidity, no room to be scared. Warriors who knew that D-Day was a matter of throwing bodies at the beaches and eventually they would be ours. People who signed on for a mission in which the best-case scenario was to bomb Japan and crash land in a foreign country. That was if everything went right!

Now we have the freedom to feel “attacked” by trolls on Twitter. We can buy video games that depict what people lived, and try it again if we fail. There was no reset on Omaha Beach. 

Oddly enough, the sacrifice of our veterans has afforded us the freedom to be as selfish, unhealthy and whiny as we like. It’s our right to blame others or mooch off the government.

No, we don’t owe it to our country to be in shape, or to crush the next WOD, but if you’re at a website like this, and you support a lifestyle like this, chances are you see your freedom in a different light. You see your freedom as an opportunity to shake the bullshit of insecurity and make the most of what’s been given to us.

Caffeine and Kilos is not the only company to champion the freedom to live a fulfilling, healthy, vigorous lifestyle and be gracious to those who have sacrificed. Far from it. There are many companies you can, and should support. It is one of the many companies that understands context.

The freedom to kick ass is not a freedom everyone enjoys.
Make the most of it.