Music & Weightlifting? Check out these PR Playlists, curated by C&K HQ.

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Music & Weightlifting? Check out these PR Playlists, curated by C&K HQ.

It’s been a long day. You finally make it to the gym: time to train. But your energy, gusto, oomph, pep, that certain je ne sais quoi, just isn’t there. We all know these training sessions well. But to pull yourself up, out of the slump, get amped, get pumped? Turn up that MUSIC.

No debate about it: when your workout is high intensity, go HAM, balls to the wall, music is a big help. You can zone out, tune out, and use the tempo of the music to keep yourself moving. The controversy comes in where your mental focus needs to be tapped, such as in weightlifting.

There are mixed opinions on whether music and weightlifting are a good match, but ultimately it all comes down to personal preference. If you can focus with music, great. If you can’t hear your coach’s cues, remember your own mental cues or listen to your internal dialogue, it’s likely a problematic distraction. Some people blast a PR song for the heaviest lift of the day; others prefer music only during the easier, less mentally taxing lifts or accessory work. Again, personal preference.

Here at the C&K HQ, we went ahead and compiled some staff favorite PR songs and playlists for you to peruse and use at your discretion. No more hunting for that PR song in the middle of your rest time.

Danny, Co-Owner & CEO:
Playlist – Lil Wayne radio
PR Song – March Madness by Future

Dean, Co-Owner & CCO:
Playlist – EDM Workout 2022

Caitlin, Customer Service:
Playlist – Russian Hardbass
PR Songs – Kamaz by DJ Blyatman; Unsainted by Slipknot; Crooked by Dealer

Kevin, Warehouse:
Playlists – Gangsta Rap Essentials; Gym Flow; Rap Life

Kristen, Admin:
Playlists – Beastmode
PR Song – Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Hannah, Marketing:
Playlists – Blink 182 radio
PR Songs – City of Angels by The Distillers; The Best by AWOLNATION; Rusty Cage by Soundgarden

There's also always the PR Playlist for your listening enjoyment. Compiled by listeners like you, it's an eclectic collage of all songs PR worthy. Check it out and send us an email to with any songs you want to see added to the playlist! Keep training, Team CK.

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