October COTM: How Is THIS Coffee So Good?

October COTM: How Is THIS Coffee So Good?

Doesn’t it just taste like coffee?

Well, yes.  But also, no.  Like wine or chocolate, coffee has distinct flavor notes.  

Some coffee is pungent, rich, and tastes like a log out of the fire.  Other coffee is fruity, bright, and more like the marshmallow you’re roasting over the fire.

With quality bean selection, processing, and roasting, your coffee can even remind you of your favorite Halloween candy.

Introducing: Trick or Treat Blend.

But wait — how the hell does coffee have flavor notes like candy?  

Our mad scientist expert coffee roaster, Roaster Dave, put together this blend to have slight tartness with a hint of lemon.  But, exactly how does this blend will remind you of your favorite gummy Halloween candy?

Papua New Guinea (PNG), the eastern half of an island just north of Australia, is known for smooth and notably sweet coffee.  The PNG beans are fair trade certified, and from the Purosa Eastern Highlands.

The mountainous region is perfect for producing tasty coffee.  The particular beans in Trick or Treat blend are from many remote, small farms of just 1-2 acres.  These small farms wash the fruit off the beans, but then leave them in the sun to naturally dry.  That process imparts an earthy lemon flavor, that is subdued by notes of sweet brown sugar.

Those beans are mixed with a naturally higher caffeine content bean from the Ghats mountain range in India.

Over 8,000 very small farms formed a cooperative that naturally processes their family grown coffee.  That natural process dries the coffee with the fruit still on, which leaves the coffee beans a medium body with natural sweetness from the fruit.

Blending these two beans and roasting to a medium level brings out just the right amount of sweetness, with a hint of tart lemon.  BOOM!  Halloween candy, dude.

Try October’s Coffee of the Month, Trick or Treat Blend for yourself to see how many of those flavors you can taste!