Read This Before You Do It For Them

Read This Before You Do It For Them

I know what you're thinking.

They’re not going to want to do that, they’re too busy.

Do you sometimes tell yourself that story? I know that I do. Other people won’t want to help or get involved because they:

-are too busy

-are too popular

-won’t want to help

-will see it as a conflict of interest

-will definitely rather be squeezing bleach into their eyes than this

But, how do we know?

The truth is — we don’t. But, it’s easier to make excuses for them.  

Asking is hard because it requires you to go out of your comfort zone. Asking is scary because you’re vulnerable to being rejected. Asking is necessary because it’s the only way to actually know.

By not asking, you’re saying no for them.

Stop saying no for other people.

Let them tell you no. If they do, you’re in the same place as if you didn’t ask (but with a little more courage).  

Your homework this week: Who do you want to ask for something, but are answering no for them? Maybe it’s a mentor for help, or another couple to go on a double date. Go ask. 

And in time, you’ll be less scared to ask. You’ll get more courage and ask more often. You’ll stop saying no for others.  

Stop being selfish and taking away their opportunity to turn you down and crush your soul. That’s their right, not yours.


Be great,

Danny Lehr