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St. Patrick's Day Damage

St. Patrick's Day Damage

With St. Patrick’s Day next Wednesday, it’s safe to say you’ll be surrounded by Irish indulgences this weekend. So we looked up some of the standard nutrition facts of your holiday favorites to help you tally the damage while you pretend to be Irish. (The good news: whiskey still has no carbs.) 

Corned Beef:

Rewind. Did you know Corned Beef isn’t even Irish? It’s British. But the Irish immigrants adopted it when they moved to New York so we think it’s Irish…. Tricky. Very Irish. 

Serving: 4oz

Calories: 200

Macros: 15P 15F 0C


Honestly, every other day of the year cabbage is pretty underwhelming. But dress it up with some bacon and butter and you’re probably getting seconds. Luckily it has plenty of nutrients to make it worthwhile any time of year. 

Serving: 4oz

Calories: 140

Macros: 9F 5P 14C

Shepherd’s Pie:

Meat pie with mashed potatoes on top. There is no arguing that this might be the most ingenious of dishes ever created. Go find your largest spoon. 

Serving: 1 cup

Calories: 180

Macros: 4F 18P 22C


If you’re 20, this holiday is just an excuse to drink too much whiskey. If you’re not 20, it’s an excuse to pretend you don’t already drink too much whiskey. Either way, moderation, because chances are you cannot, in fact, drink like the Irish. 

Serving: 1oz

Calories: 70

Macros: 0F 0P 0C


Now THIS is Irish. A dark Irish dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James's Gate, Dublin, Ireland, in 1759. And easy to drink in moderation because literally no one wants more than a pour. 

Serving: 12oz

Calories: 125

Macros: 0F 1P 10C

So go dance like a leprechaun, gratuitously pinch your friends (all of them, even if they’re wearing green, it’s the reason for the season) and search for that pot of gold. It’s there. We just know it. But we’ll always think it’s spelled “PR Blend.”

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