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Congratulations! You’re over halfway done with CK3K! But there’s still work left to do. To help you finish strong, we’ve made a list of all the benefits you’ll reap from keeping up with your squats. Increased strength. Duh. Squats target your glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, hip flexors, and core muscles. So, you’re building strength across the board, which transfers over to every other movement you make. Except maybe bicep curls, but probably also bicep curls. Caloric burn. Another no-brainer. You burn about 32 calories for every 100 squats (if you’re an average human). So, by doing 100 squats a day...

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Coffee is a stimulant. When you see the word “stimulant,” that’s code for receiving the energy needed to create change. This stimulant effect does more than just arouse us from bed or keep us on track during work hours. That’s why many have used coffee to stimulate plant growth. Now, coffee for hair growth has grown in popularity among all-natural skincare circles. Wondering how to use coffee for hair growth? Let’s take a look at the benefits your morning joe can bring your mane and how coffee grounds for hair growth may be the remedy your hairline needs.

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