The Effects of Caffeine

We know that caffeine-filled cup of coffee in the morning can transform you from a sleepwalking zombie into a functional human being. But, you may not have realized that caffeine does more than just bring you back from the dead...
The Effects of Caffeine

You never get enough sleep.

Every morning you emerge from your bed (after hitting the “snooze” button enough times that your clock is considering pursuing charges against you). You find yourself wandering through the halls like a lifeless zombie, stumbling in pursuit of that much-needed cup of coffee. Once that pot starts percolating, so does your mind and within the first sip of caffeine, you are transformed into a semi-functioning human being least we hope so.

If this scenario sounds familiar and you fear that you are part zombie, there is a small chance. However, before you start auditioning for The Walking Dead, there’s an even better chance that instead of being part-zombie you are 1 of 80 percent of semi-functioning human beings who consumes caffeine each day.  

Caffeine is the stimulant behind the makeover from morning zombie to daytime human. However, there is more to caffeine  than just being a wake-me-up in a cup. There are additional beneficial effects of caffeine and we are going to share some of them with you.

Effects of Caffeine #1: Central Nervous System

Seeing as coffee is rebirth in a cup, it’s a no-brainer that caffeine affects the brain. As scary as that may sound, these are positive effects of caffeine.  

As we mentioned above, caffeine acts as a stimulant for the central nervous system. That is what causes the almost instantaneous burst of alertness when you (human) comes into contact with caffeine (savior).

This stimulation is one of the longest lasting effects of caffeine. Studies suggest that caffeine can help prolong the development of both Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. Now, if only caffeine could detect where you put those dang keys…

Effects of Caffeine #2: Strengthens Hair Follicles

Some would say that bold-tasting coffee with higher caffeine content may put a bit of hair on your chest, but in some cases it may do so literally. Studies have found that caffeine is “a stimulator of human hair growth.”

Caffeine can be consumed for hair growth by food or beverage. As you ingest the caffeine, it enters into your bloodstream (as you know from the drip IV of coffee that you dream of having at your work desk everyday). If you’re looking to switch up your caffeine game, caffeine can also be applied topically to the skin/scalp, or you may also purchase caffeine-enriched shampoos.

Effects of Caffeine #3: Workout Buddy

If you think you are ready to take on the world after a cup of coffee each morning before you go to work, imagine eating a caffeine bar before a workout. Studies have found that “caffeine in a performance bar can significantly improve endurance performance and cognitive ability during and after exercise.”

With the extra burst of energy to the mind, you don’t dwell from the swell. You are able to push through without concentrating on how tired you feel...because you won’t feel tired!  

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Effects of Caffeine #4: Fat Trimmer

Not only will caffeine allow you to build extra muscle in the weight room, but in turn it will assist you in weight loss. Studies have found a strong correlation between increased workout gains from caffeine and a drop in pounds on subjects. 

While caffeine is a booster pack in the gym, it also acts as a hunger suppressant. In a lot of ways caffeine works much like another stimulant, nicotine. They both have the capability to provide your brain the stimulation it needs so that it does not become preoccupied with snacking all day long. The starkest difference in this comparison between caffeine and nicotine is that side effects of caffeine do not include life-threatening illnesses such as lung cancer.

Effects of Caffeine #5: It Detoxifies

We put a lot of bad stuff inside of our bodies. While deep-fried Oreos at the state fair or getting your binge on during Santa-con seemed like a great idea, these decisions are wreaking havoc on our bodies.  

Luckily, one of the handiest effects of caffeine is its ability to detoxify our zombie-bodies. In fact, caffeine helps flush out the liver, which is the most important filter of toxins in our system.

On top of that, caffeine helps flush out toxins out the other end too. As some may attest to, duty calls after a fresh cup of coffee. That’s the caffeine at work. But hey, you need to catch up on your Facebook feed at some time anyway. Thanks, coffee!

Caffeine: A Second Chance at Life

Caffeine is as part of our daily routine as stumbling into the bedroom door with our eyes closed or kissing your loved ones goodbye. Without it, some of us won’t be able to function.

However, there is always too much of a good thing. Excessive consumption of coffee can lead to jitteriness, anxiety, insomnia, and in extreme cases, an overdose. So, be sure not to overdo it. Any first signs of the jitters, take a step back. Unless those jitters are caused by being near a crush. Then, take another swig of coffee, gain some confidence, and say hi!

There are many therapeutic effects of coffee. Not only can it help strengthen your central nervous system but caffeine may facilitate hair growth, boost your workout gains, shred some fat, and detoxify your organs. Oh, and cure your case of the zombies, too.

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