😣 The most common struggle

😣 The most common struggle

Are you going to do it?

Do you trust yourself to follow through with...you know..that thing?

Or will you say you’re going to do it today, and then find another excuse to wait?

You know what I’m talking about — it’s that difficult conversation or time consuming task.  

And now that you’ve avoided it for so long, the tension has built to a fever pitch as you’ve played it through in your head time and time again.

You get a little shot of stress and can feel your blood pressure uptick a few times each day, every time you think about the task you are not actually doing.

The anxiety roller coaster has left the whoopty whoop section and is now destined for the full loops and inverted twists.

Your original plan of ignoring that thing, hasn’t panned out.

The good news — you’re not alone! Everybody struggles with this.

The bad news — you have to face that shit.

More good news — you’ll feel SO much better when you do.

But...how? How do you get out of your head, and convince yourself to take action?

You have to start with one. That’s it! Just one thing.

Every morning answer this question — what is one thing that you MUST do today?

The one thing that will make today a win, even if you accomplish nothing else. The one thing that you have been putting-off for 2 weeks. The one thing that you really don’t want to do.

Write it down in a notepad. Then, at the end of the day mark the page with a big “W” or “L.”

When you start to get a string of “W’s,” things in your life will change!

You’ll begin to trust yourself because you have proof that YOU ARE A WINNER.

The goal is 100 “W’s” in a row. No “L’s.”

Run up the score. 100-0. This isn’t T-ball, there are no weak-ass mercy rules.  

You have to continue stealing bases when you’re up by 10 runs in the 9th inning. You must keep throwing deep passes in the 4th quarter when you’re leading by 30 points. You cannot take your foot off the gas. You have to log “W’s” as relentlessly as I’m mixing sports analogies and clichés. 

And in time, you will be excited to attack that thing. Excited for another opportunity to excel.  

Your homework this week: Start a daily note of ONE thing. Do not go to bed until you have taken action on that thing. Write down a “W,” and don’t break the chain!

You’ll begin to trust and respect yourself. Or at the very least, you won’t think of yourself as a fucking coward...which is the only “W” that matters.


Be great,

Danny Lehr