Thoughts While Training

Thoughts While Training

What do you think about when training/working out?

One of the biggest benefits to exercise is the opportunity for mindfulness and being connected to your body.

Every rep being in touch with your movements. What are your feet doing? Are your toes down? Where are you distributing weight in your feet?

Are the correct muscles firing? Are you squeezing your quads and glutes at the top? Is your midline tight? Are your ribs pulled down, or are you letting them flare up?

What about your shoulder blades? Are your shoulders in a strong and healthy position?

Try to feel every movement and be diligent in the appropriate movement patterns.

You'll move better, feel less tired, and get a bout of mind-body connection!

Next time you're working out focus within, and be free.

What do you think about during hard workouts? 

Be great,

Danny Lehr