Twice the Caffeine Content: Here’s How

Twice the Caffeine Content: Here’s How

Here at Caffeine & Kilos, we pride ourselves on making high-quality coffee with up to twice the caffeine content than your regular cup of joe. So naturally we get a lot of questions about how we do it. Here’s the secret:


We use two types of beans in every blend: Robusta and Arabica.


Robusta beans are known for their strong and often harsh flavor profile. However, they also have extremely high levels of caffeine. The highest you can find. And there are a few that taste good to the average coffee drinker, too, but most of them don’t qualify as a crowd favorite based on flavor alone. So while we try to find the best tasting, most palatable Robusta beans, we blend them with tasty Arabicas to satisfy your flavor craving.


Arabica beans, on the other hand, are known for their sweeter, more delicate flavor and perfectly balance our hard-charging Robustas. They produce most of the desirable flavor notes of sugars, fruits and berries and they are the most widely available and marketed beans in North America for this reason. However, they naturally have less caffeine content than Robusta, so we put both in every blend!


And that’s it. That’s the secret. We’re not tricking you, and we’re not adding NoDoz to the roasting process. We just spend the time to blend two beans and give you up to twice the caffeine content with all the right flavor.


We also offer coffee subscriptions on our most popular blends to keep your cabinets caffeinated. To get on board and never have to buy coffee at the store again, click here.