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𝘛𝘩𝘢𝘵 Was An Embarrassing First Time

𝘛𝘩𝘢𝘵 Was An Embarrassing First Time

That was a first.

I’ve come close before, but NEVER like that.

And NEVER in public.


Arriving at the airport a little late, I was distracted. The red-eye flight that departs at 11:30 pm begins boarding at 10:55. I parked at 10:45.

Hustling through the crosswalk to baggage check, I wrestled the luggage. The roller wheels groaned and refused to cooperate under the load that checked in 1 shy of the 50-lb travel limit.

After claiming victory over 37 pebbles in the asphalt, the overburdened wheels I now received assistance from the concrete sidewalk. As I approach the automatic glass doors, I knew something was off.

My mask. I left my face mask in the car.

Knowing the disposable freebies will make it more difficult to sleep on the plane, I must go back into battle and cross the street again while towing the behemoth bag.

Mask in one hand and wheel-breaking burden in the other, now I’m ready to take on TSA. My bladder will have to wait his turn.

Catching a break, the line for TSA is inhabited only by 3 other travelers who weave through empty line dividers, looking like a game of “snake” on your old Nokia cell phone.

Making it to the bathroom before departure I go straight into a stall. I decide that yes, I do in fact have time to wash my hands.

And that’s when it happened.

Five sinks to my left is a woman washing her hands.

I take a second look, thinking, “man, that dude really looks like a womanand then realizing that dude is a woman.

Getting out the door I snap my head up to the blue triangle sign.


I was in the women's restroom.

Fear. What if someone saw me?

Embarrassment. What if someone I know saw me?

Dumb-Assness. Am I actually that big of a careless dumbass?

And that’s when I realized it was fine! An honest mistake, that caused no harm.

I could spend the next hour (or 4 days) beating myself up about it....but why? Sometimes in life we make honest mistakes.

Don’t take yourself so seriously! Smile, laugh at yourself, and move on.

Your homework this week: What mistake are you still beating yourself up about? What do you refuse to let go of? Identify what you’re harboring, and let it go.

People make mistakes. When you realize that you’ve made one, realize that you can’t go back and change it. All you can do is be better next time.

And about next time — based on the lack of urine on the floor, I think I’m going to ‘accidentally’ end up in the wrong bathroom every trip to the airport.

Be great,

Danny Lehr

P.S.  What are you struggling to forgive yourself for?

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