We asked these athletes how sports has empowered them. Here's what they said.

We asked these athletes how sports has empowered them. Here's what they said.

In case you hadn't heard yet, it's Women's History Month. Women are historically excluded from athletics, frequently compensated less than their male counterparts, or not encouraged as kids to participate in sports. We asked a handful of our female ambassadors and athletes how sports has empowered and influenced them in their lives. Here's what they said:

Kelly Wild:

I am an Olympic weightlifter. Weightlifting has empowered me as a woman because it has made me not only physically strong, but mentally strong as well. Being strong is beautiful!

Heather Connor:

I compete in the sport of powerlifting. While being pound for pound one of the strongest female athletes in the world, powerlifting has allowed me to know that strength comes in all shapes and sizes.

Kari Pearce:

I competed in CrossFit. It empowered me as a female because it allowed me to feel comfortable in my own skin. Growing up, I was a more muscular female and it wasn't always popular. People in society said that you should be skinny. So when I found CrossFit and realized that it was okay to be strong and muscular it helped to empower me. I hope that I can use that to help inspire young women everywhere.

Shayla Hutchins:

I am an Olympic weightlifter. Olympic weightlifting has taught me that I can lift just as much weight as your average male. It has also taught me that no matter what size or shape you are, from 45 kilos up to 87+, you can be a competitive, strong woman. No matter how old or young you are, you can be a competitive athlete. I've also learned that not even just in our country, all across the world there are a bunch of strong women competing in weightlifting.

Sara Robles:

I compete in weightlifting. You might remember me from such competitions as the Olympic Games or several world championships or national championships, etc. Happy Women's History Month. I am proud to be part of an elite group of women that you guys all look up to, and I look up to you guys too. I find weightlifting empowering because time after time it continues to show exactly what we're capable of, and sometimes it shows what we didn't exactly know that we were capable of. The glass ceiling doesn't exist here, and I love that.

How have sports impacted you in your own life? Weigh in below! Comment here and let us know your thoughts. ⬇