🏆 What Actually Makes Steph Curry Great

🏆 What Actually Makes Steph Curry Great

Since you’re you, this should be easy.

Quick question — what are you good at?

Gotcha mufucka!  

Most people struggle to answer, even though everyone is good at many things.  

There are two main reasons why:

  1. Afraid of “bragging” or being perceived as conceited, you hide the best parts you.
  2. You compare yourself to others, assume they have it all figured out, and think you’re an imposter.

Both reasons make me want to call you a ‘mufucka’ again! But don’t worry, I’m right there with you.

When you see other people accomplish great things, it’s easy to assume they have something you don’t. Or that they have it all figured out. Aware of your own flaws and struggles, you know that you do NOT have it all figured out.  

Pair that with the negative voices of jealous people who like to talk shit and BOOM! Now you are afraid to put yourself out there.  

What if you fail? Or, what if you succeed, only to be exposed as a fraud?

Those feelings guide you to take it easy. Don’t try too hard, because if you hold back and fail it won’t hurt as much. You can always fall back on the comfort of knowing that you “coulda” tried a little harder. It’s a clever work-around that you use to soothe the pain of defeat.

The result? A watered-down version of yourself. You Light.


Why do you think Yeti and Hydro Flask are so popular? People don’t want their ice melting and watering down their favorite beverage.

Be fully you. Shine your light. Go all-in.

Steph Curry doesn’t pass up open shots because he knows that he is a great shooter and isn’t afraid to fail. That is what makes high performers great!  

Your homework this week: Identify ONE thing that you are good at. Also, identify ONE place in your life where you hold back. Now it’s time to embrace your strengths! Don’t hold back to be your best.

Play to your strengths.

After all — If you're a hand model going on a first date, you don’t wear gloves.


Be great,

Danny Lehr