What You Should Add to Your Coffee to Optimize Your Health & Performance

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What You Should Add to Your Coffee to Optimize Your Health & Performance

Love coffee? Have problems? Don’t we all! But look no further: we took the liberty of compiling a handy list of solutions for your ailments so you can keep your body moving and feeling great. Whether you’re looking for immune support, better workout performance/recovery, or just want to improve your mood, the answer lies within. Here are 10 superchargers to add to your brew for YOUR specific needs (and tastes).


Add CINNAMON for: an immunity boost; dose of antioxidants; improved digestion and skin health; increased alertness and memory; aid with IBS; and blood sugar stabilization.

Add TURMERIC* for: lowered inflammation and improved recovery from your workouts; improved digestion and immunity; help with liver detoxification; a boost in skin health and mood; support with brain function; lowered cholesterol; and to get rid of that pesky sinus congestion.

*Pair your turmeric with a pinch of black pepper for better absorption.

Add COCONUT MILK/CREAM for: blood sugar stabilization and satiety thanks to the medium chain triglycerides, and improved endurance throughout the day with more stable energy levels.

Add COLLAGEN for: a protein boost for your hair, skin and nails; support for joint and connective tissue health; recovery from your workouts; and its anti-inflammatory properties.

Add MCT OIL for: endurance and stable energy throughout the day; increased metabolism; appetite suppression; and mental clarity.

Add GELATIN for: support with thyroid and adrenal gland health; a mood boost; improved digestion and teeth/nail health; or liver detoxification.

*To add gelatin to your coffee, first mix 1 tbsp gelatin with 2 tbsp water and set aside to bloom/thicken for a minute. Then go ahead and add it to your coffee.

Add CORDYCEPS MUSHROOM POWDER for: improved performance; its apoptogenic effects; and increased oxygen flow. This one specifically is great for support with improving your workout performance.

Add MACA POWDER for: a mood boost; balanced hormones; and thyroid support.

Add GINGER for: its anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-fungal properties; a dose of antioxidants; improved digestive health; nausea relief; PMS relief; blood sugar stabilization; lowered cholesterol; and brain function support.

Add GINSENG for: improved brain function; stress relief; stable energy; digestive support; and an immunity boost. 


This list is by no means exhaustive, but we think it’s a pretty solid start. Take a gander and give a few options a go. See how you feel. The common denominator is coffee, so you’ve got no bad options here! May your brew and your body be strong.

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