Who Wants a Lemon Bar?

Who Wants a Lemon Bar?

Literally everyone, that's who. Because Spring has SPRUNG and bright lemon flavor is the reason for the season. This month, we leaned into bursts of lemony freshness to bring you an ode to the most underrated dessert: the lemon bar. 

Here’s how we made it:

    1. Ethiopian Arabica from the Yachi Kachise collective in the Limu Region. The lemon in our Lemon Bar is coming off this Ethiopian bean that we roast a little darker than we would normally to bring out the very lemony lemony goodness. We also used a washed process, which makes those flavors bloom. Side note: Ethiopian coffees are so diverse that the small farms are worth it and the coffee is really distinctive. In the Collective we source from, there are 148 farms, averaging about 2 acres each, and over half of them are owned and operated by women. So when you support us, you support them. 
    2. Brazillian Arabica from the Coffee Dutra Family out of Minas Gerias in Brazil. (We love this bean, so we're using it again.) While Brazillian beans tend to be milder than others, this one is loaded with bright fruity flavor! This comes from being pulp-naturally honey-processed and dried in the sun on raised tables. The pulp is left on (to be removed later) to give it all the fruity, nutty flavor the bean has in its bones. 
    3. Peruvian Arabica from the Cenfrocafe Centrofrontaresa Cafetalaros in the Kahamarka region. This is a high-grown, fully-washed organic coffee from one of our favorite family-owned farms in the collective. As one of our backbone blenders, this collective hosts about 2,000 small farms in the region. AND they supply some of the best quality coffee you'll find in Peru.
    4. Indian Cherry Robusta from Wayanad Social Service Society collective in the Western Ghats Mountains of India. This is a staple in all our blends for its superior caffeine content. So you'll hear us talk about it a lot. We keep it around for it's top-tier flavor and high-octane boost juice (caffeine). But we’re constantly blending it with different Arabicas to create all-new favorites.

So if you're in the mood (and you are) for some sweet Spring crispness, check it out: Lemon Bar. Subscribe and save, and tag us on Instagram to show your spirit. 

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